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Elden Ring's 'Let Me Solo Her' Breaks His Silence

If you're a fan of "Elden Ring" — particularly its unique brand of co-op — it's more than likely that the name "Let me solo her" means something to you. Also known by his YouTube handle Klein Tsuboi, "Let me solo her" (or "LMSH") essentially broke the internet on April 12, when he posted a video titled "Let me solo her. 3rd summon solo Malenia." This clip showed the brave "Elden Ring" player helping others to defeat Malenia, one of the most difficult bosses in the game, all by himself — all while being mostly naked and wearing a big pot on his head. The video quickly became a huge hit amongst the "Elden Ring" faithful and has since garnered close to 2 million views in less than a week. Ever since, fans have been on the lookout for this lone wanderer, hoping he'll pop into their game and lend a hand.


Outside of his exploits on YouTube, however, LMSH has remained mostly enigmatic in regards to his motives. Outside of the short description in the video of him fighting Malenia — which literally just says, "I help others fight Malenia" — no reasoning is given, nor has he offered explanation of how he became so good at fighting one of the game's most frustrating bosses to begin with. 

Fortunately, LMSH has finally decided to let everyone in on why he's helping fellow "Elden Ring" players with such a daunting task.

'Let me solo her' has faced off against Malenia over 600 times

Since his initial post, countless Reddit threads and mentions on Twitter have propped up "Let me solo her" as a hero and legend, leaving many to speculate about the reasoning behind his virtual altruism. Luckily for these curious bystanders, LMSH has finally opened up about his skills and motivations.


In an interview with IGN done via email, LMSH shared that he had battled Malenia a total of 242 times before he finally got past her. Since then, he has beaten her between 300 and 400 times — though his record is far from perfect, especially when playing in other players' lobbies. "Sometimes the lag between the host and myself is too much so I get killed instantly sometimes, or miss the crucial dodge timing on Malenia's waterfowl dance," the player told IGN. "I would like to express my apology to those I have failed."

As to why "Let me solo her" has battled Malenia so many times on others' behalf, it's a rather simple case of being a fan and wanting to set an example for the community at large. "I chose Malenia to help others because I fell in love with her design. All her attacks are very graceful and she is unforgiving as a boss. Her infamous waterfowl dance is considered to be the [hardest] to dodge moveset from a FromSoft boss to date, so I decided to prove to others that it was not impossible." In other words, if you see "Let me solo her" pop into your game, you are in good hands.