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You Can Now Summon Elden Ring's Greatest Hero

"Elden Ring" is jam-packed with tough bosses, though some are more challenging than others. It's common in Soulsborne games for the most difficult fights to be optional. That way, players who want to seek out the most devastating encounters can do so, while those who simply want to beat the game don't have to rip their hair out when they come up against these nearly insurmountable foes. Malenia is one such enemy. The Goddess of the Scarlet Rot is considered one of the most difficult bosses and many a tarnished hero has found themselves staring at a "You're Dead" screen just seconds into an encounter with her.


One hero has come to the aid of desperate gamers facing this Empyrean tyrant. A player named Let Me Solo Her has become something of a legend in the "Elden Ring" community for leaving their summoning mark just outside the area where players fight Malenia and helping them defeat her. An expert in battling the deity, their character is naked except for a pot helmet and wields two katanas. Let Me Solo Her posted a YouTube video of them defeating the boss alone as a third summon without taking a single hit. Only uploaded a week ago, the video already has nearly 2 million views.

Of course, one person can't possibly be there for everyone who needs them. That's why one modder made a Spirit Ash summon of the legendary warrior.


Let Me Solo Her mod fights for everyone

Garden of Eyes has made several mods for the various FromSoftware franchises. They primarily create weapon mods, but occasionally work with more complex offerings like the "Let Me Solo Her Spirit Summon." The description of the Let Me Solo Her mod (via Eurogamer) states that the summon is named "Puppet of the Legend" and that the mod works by swapping the Lone Wolf Ashes for the summon. 


This is convenient since the Lone Wolf Ashes are the very first Ashes a player can summon. They are gifted to the player along with the Spirit Calling Bell when they encounter Renna in the very beginning of the game. Players will no longer have to depend on luck to stumble across Let Me Solo Her's summon sign, but will be able to fight side-by-side with the legendary warrior for every boss fight if they want.

The mod itself can be found on Garden of Eyes' Patreon page. Players who wish to use the summon can do so by unlocking the $5 "Hunter" tier, which gives them access to all of Garden of Eyes' "Elden Ring" mods.