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Elden Ring: How To Fight Like Let Me Solo Her

It has only been a short while since players first began discussing the "Elden Ring" legend "Let me solo her." In that time the legend of YouTuber Klein Tsuboi, "Let me solo her," has taken off, with fan art and statues of his character flooding the internet. Tsuboi eventually revealed himself in a Reddit post, detailing the hundreds of times he has defeated Malenia, the boss his character's name refers to. For those unfamiliar with "Let me solo her" the legend started as players on PC noticed a friendly summon sign near the boss fight, of a character in their underwear with a pot on their head.


This person would come into the game and, if the host allowed, would wreck Malenia by themselves, so the host could advance past the boss fight. Word quickly spread of the valiant hero and the player became the stuff of legends. Now, Tsuboi has revealed some information about their build, letting other players attempt to emulate the legend of "Let me solo her."

The equipment of Let Me Solo Her

In a Reddit post, Tsuboi revealed the weapons he uses to trounce one of the hardest bosses in "Elden Ring" all by himself. The weapon setup is the Uchigatana +25 with Hoarfrost Stomp on the right hand and Rivers of Blood +9 in the left hand. Interestingly, the Rivers of Blood Tsuboi uses is one level below the max for a unique weapon. As for why that weapon isn't max level, Tsuboi didn't say. This does mean that Tsuboi has two fast attacking Katanas, which people could tell from the video, which gives his build some blood loss.


As for the rest of the equipment, Tsuboi did not say what Talismans he uses. It's clear from watching "Let me solo her" work that his only armor is the Pot helmet, but if you want to emulate his fighting style you just need to use light equipment. You can achieve similar movement speed as long as your equipment load is rated as light.

The level of Let Me Solo Her

In the same post, Tsuboi said he is currently level 179 with no intention of leveling up any more while he continues to help folks with Malenia. Level 179 is likely to be higher than the level most players are at when reaching Malenia, but it's clear from watching Tsuboi fight that the extra levels are not the reason he's so good at beating the challenging boss. As for what stats you should level to emulate Tsuboi, looking at his health, FP, and stamina bars in the videos, he seems to have a decent amount of levels allocated to each of those.


It seems likely that Tsuboi also had a good amount of points put into Strength, Dexterity, and possibly Arcane. The reason is that the Uchigatana's damage scales of Strength and Dexterity. The Rivers of Blood katana scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane. While this is speculation, it would make sense that Tsuboi is built around his preferred weapons.

Fighting like Let Me Solo Her

Looking at Tsuboi's recent video, where he solos Malenia despite a bug where she heals even without getting a hit on a player, it would take an extreme amount of time and practice to reach that skill level. If you want to fight like Tsuboi, you will need to get some practice in against Malenia, but here are a few tips based on Tsuboi's videos. One of the most important parts is patience. "Let me solo her" isn't overly aggressive, dodging the majority of attacks and picking his moments. This minimizes the amount of healing Malenia does and keeps his health flasks full.


Another important thing is knowing her attack pattern. Most people can't survive the Waterfowl Dance move, let alone completely avoid it the way Tsuboi does. While that move can be interrupted using a Freezing Pot, Tsuboi just dodges it. Even matching his weapons and level, most players will need dozens, if not hundreds, of fights against Malenia to match his skill level, but if you just want to beat her once, fighting like "Let me solo her" will probably get the job done.