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Elden Ring's Lost Colosseum Finally Revealed

Since its release, many players of "Elden Ring" have dove deep to discover what lies beneath the ominous surface of the Lands Between. This is especially true for dataminers, who have scoured the game's code in search of things that cannot be found by conventional means, leading to reveals such as what some characters look without their masks. "Elden Ring" dataminers have also come across a hidden and inaccessible colosseum, which has led the game's community to hypothesize that the arena may be intended for future content.


Originally posted to YouTube by Lance McDonald, the hidden colosseum in "Elden Ring" was shown to be surprisingly detailed, complete with seating, entryways, fully rendered textures, and even some decor provided by swords lodged in the ground. While some initially speculated that the area could merely be a testing ground for FromSoftware devs, the colosseum's immense detail, coupled with additional datamining, supported the idea that it could be part of an impending DLC for "Elden Ring".

"Elden Ring" players have continued to look into the matter, and now, it seems the colosseum's original function and what it would look like in action has finally been revealed.

An Elden Ring dataminer seems to have made the colosseum fully functional

Of course, the idea of being able to do one's best "Gladiator" impression and battle waves of enemies in an "Elden Ring" colosseum is an intriguing idea on paper. And in terms of the game's tone and style of gameplay, such a concept should be able to fit in seamlessly. And though it's still unknown how exactly the colosseum could be used in the future — if it is to be used at all — "Elden Ring" players finally have insight as to how the area would theoretically work.


FromSoftware fan and YouTuber Sekiro Deeb posted a video showing that he'd managed to restore functionality to the arena. In Sekiro Deeb's clip, the colosseum is seen in a new state: full of NPC enemies, Sites of Grace, and given a name: Leyndell Colosseum. In a follow-up to Sekiro's discovery, Lance McDonald explained that the area appeared to be a piece of cut content that was intended to be included in the original base game. However, McDonald maintains that the stage could still be repurposed as future DLC content, particularly given its level of completion.

Whether or not "Elden Ring" players will ever get a fully realized colosseum remains a mystery. But seeing it in a more functional state is certainly exciting for fans.