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MrBeast's Squid Game Was More Important Than You Realized

MrBeast's "Squid Game" video has had a much larger impact beyond solidifying the creator's own popularity. Back in November, MrBeast recreated the popular Netflix show "Squid Game," assembling 456 people to compete for a prize of $456,000. Unlike the show, the contestants did not die when they lost, but other than that MrBeast was able to get really close to the original with his real-life take. The video is incredibly popular, sitting at over 245 million views, attracting tons of eyes not only to MrBeast's channel but the people that assisted him with the project.


In a recent tweet, MrBeast highlighted that the video going viral has helped bolster the content of some of the individuals who worked with him on the recreation. He shared screenshots from YouTubers Matthew Beem, William Osman, and SoKrispyMedia, all of whom have had videos about making MrBeast's Squid Game get millions of views. MrBeast wrote, "I love how the creators that helped us make squid game all got viral videos out of it." While these videos received between 5 million and 21 million views each — significantly less than the main video — they do show that collaboration between content creators can be positive for all parties.

The cost of MrBeast's Squid Game

For those looking to take notes and learn from MrBeast, this video and its success are probably out of reach. Considering MrBeast spent $3.5 million (via Twitter) making his "Squid Game," most content creators likely couldn't spend that kind of money without sponsorship. Even then, it's a ton for a single video without a guarantee of netting the same returns as MrBeast's efforts. His "Squid Game" held the record for most views for a non-music clip in 24 hours for six months before Will Smith slapping Chris Rock dethroned it.


It seems as though fans not only understand what an undertaking this project was, but genuinely appreciate the work that went in behind the scenes from the other content creators. One comment on the "Squid Game" video said, "Huge props to the set designers, everything was spot on!" It also seems that since the other creators made their videos fans have turned up to show their appreciation. One supporter wrote, "Hats off to William Osman's team for making the squibbs in the project from hell."