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The Real Reason Mizkif Turned Down A $10 Million Deal

Twitch streamers are making more money than ever. Last year, Twitch had an incredible year, with viewership rising 45%, and streamers are reaping the rewards. However, Twitch streamers who have attained massive popularity and influence are now being bombarded with offers from sketchy gambling websites for promotions. Some streamers outright refuse to take the deals because they question the morality of gambling on stream. For example, Pokimane got called out for her gambling hypocrisy after she was caught watching a gambling stream after speaking negatively about the meta in the past.


However, sometimes the offers are too good to pass up, no matter the ethical stance of the streamer. For example, popular "Dota 2" streamer Gorgc has historically been against gambling streams, but that all changed when he was offered a large amount of money to promote a popular gambling website. Now, Gorgc is reaping the rewards of a gambling sponsorship, to the dismay of many viewers.

Recently, one of the biggest content creators on Twitch, Mizkif was approached by an unnamed gambling website and offered $10 million to stream himself gambling on the site. However, Mizkif turned down the offer for a surprising reason.

Mizkif didn't want to move

During a livestream on April 24th, Mizkif was in the middle of reacting to a YouTube video titled "The Puppets of Online Gambling," when a clip of his made an appearance. The clip in question showcased Mizkif sharing with his chat that he was once offered $35,000 an hour to gamble on stream but turned it down. Present-day Mizkif took the opportunity to clarify that he was tempted to take the deal. He said, "You have to understand that I am a human and that I am also f**king 27 years old. To see these numbers... I'll be blunt with you. Did I think about and consider doing it? Yes, I did."


However, Mizkif didn't get the reaction from the chat that he expected. Instead of agreeing with him that it would have been a bad idea, most of the chat chanted, "Do it Pogchamp." Mizkif explained that aside from a fear of upsetting his viewers, there was another reason he turned down the offer.

Mizkif explained, "The biggest problem I had with it is I would have to move to Canada. It really was to me like what I was thinking about the most like I don't want to move to Canada, I don't want to be alone... I would never do it." Of course, he would have to move to Canada due to the legality of gambling streams in the US. Moving to Canada would have been a big shift for Mizkif, as the streamer is known for featuring special guests on his stream year-round at his Austin residence. Additionally, he would be farther away from his One True King gaming organization. Although, who knows, maybe the next offer will be too good to pass up, and Mizkif will pack his bags.