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Heartfelt Sykkuno Stream Leaves Fans Questioning Everything

Update 5/2/22: Since this article was written, Sykkuno announced his intention to move from Twitch to YouTube. The original story follows below.

Sykkuno's fanbase has grown exponentially in his few short years on the scene, with the streamer consistently mixing it up with fellow content creators such as Corpse Husband and Valkyrae. The 30-year-old streamer has endeared himself to viewers by being open and honest with them, both when it comes to tragic events in his life and his thoughts on touchy subjects like subscription fees. Unfortunately, fans are beginning to question Sykkuno's future in the space after one of his recent streams.


In a heartfelt monologue directed towards his fans and viewers during his May 1 stream, Sykkuno offered his gratitude to everyone for their support over the years. "Thanks a bunch to my friends, guys, for making my stream great and making me wanna stream even more, actually," a tearful Sykkuno said on stream. Though Sykkuno noted that he wishes to continue streaming in the future, the emotional nature of his speech has begun to make fans wonder why the popular streamer was so broken up to begin with. Since this stream, clips have been shared to Reddit and Twitter, with some fans speculating that Sykkuno might be preparing to say goodbye.

Fans try to determine Sykkuno's future

In the aftermath of Sykkuno's heartwarming close to his stream, the streamer has not made any comments regarding his upcoming plans. Even so, many viewers and fans have begun to exchange their theories on why the popular Twitch streamer was so emotional while maintaining that he was looking forward to streaming in the future. Some fear that he may be preparing to retire from streaming altogether, but the most prevalent theory is that Sykkuno could be moving from Twitch to some other platform. "He's more than likely changing platforms to YouTube," Reddit user u/freefallss said in response to the clip. "I know this seems like a very dramatic response to changing platforms but I mean it's content lol." Other Redditors seemed to agree with this notion, with one noting a comment from Sykkuno's friend Valkyrae that seemed to implying Sykkuno's transition to YouTube.


And in fact, this may be the right time for a move. Recent reports seem to suggest Twitch will soon be making changes to its partnership deals that could significantly change streamers' revenue. In response, many streamers have voiced opposition to these alleged changes. Sykkuno was among those with concerns and voiced his displeasure with the rumors. Whether or not this could prompt a switch in platforms remains to be seen, but a good portion of his fandom seems to think that Sykkuno won't be on Twitch for much longer.