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Is Genshin Impact Still Coming To Switch?

Once upon a time, a brief teaser announcing that "Genshin Impact" was on its way to the Nintendo Switch was released. Now, more than two years later, we still have no idea where that Switch version is. Of course, the open-world, anime ARPG is playable on iOS, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, and, most recently, PlayStation 5, but there's been no sign on whether it will land on Nintendo's potent portable anytime soon. Despite regular content updates, perhaps it's the wait for the game to arrive on Switch that has pushed players to accomplish some pretty impressive feats in "Genshin Impact."

Now, after such a long period with no development updates in sight, many fans have given up hope that the game will ever arrive on the Switch. However, new information might have revealed that the long-desired Switch version is still being worked on. Previously known as miHoYo, Hoyoverse, the studio behind "Genshin Impact," made a small mistake on their YouTube channel that some eagle-eyed fans were able to catch.

The Switch may not be off the table

Recently, a lore video about some of the characters of "Genshin Impact" was uploaded to the game's official YouTube channel. When Hoyoverse uploads YouTube videos, each one's caption tends to include details about the various platforms on which the game is available. Historically, each one of these captions has included references to the Nintendo Switch system. This lore video, however, did not. A few observant fans noticed this, and started to tell others of the news that seemed to confirm their worst fears: the Switch version was no more. 

Just as their dreams were dashed to pieces, fans were given a new shot of hope as the YouTube video in question was updated. Now, the video in question has its typical description of available platforms, and that includes the Nintendo Switch once again. It would appear this was nothing more than a momentarily terrifying typo, but at the very least it's safe to assume that the Nintendo Switch version of "Genshin Impact" has not been canceled. 

As a live-service game, "Genshin Impact" offers plenty of content to keep fans busy while they're waiting for an official statement from Hoyoverse about the game's release on Switch. Of course, if you're part of the crowd anticipating new platform news as well, you could always take a look at these games you should play if you enjoy "Genshin Impact."