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The Iconic Silent Hill Character Even Its Creator Hated

Pyramid Head first appeared in the 2001 PlayStation 2 game, "Silent Hill 2." Little did designer Masahiro Ito know that his triangle-headed horror baby would become the booming inspiration it is today. Unfortunately, he has some regrets behind his creation of the "Silent Hill" icon. In February 2022, Ito tweeted that he wished he hadn't created Pyramid Head.


"I wish I hadn't designed fxxkin Pyramid Head," he wrote. Fans immediately lined up to comment on their appreciation for the character and conjure up possible reasons for the quote. However, in the end, Ito declined to comment on his reasoning. He eventually felt compelled to reply that the reason wasn't because of royalties  — or a lack of royalties — on Pyramid Head, but that didn't leave the mystery any clearer.

"The reason is not that I can't get paid for the statues. I've never gotten paid for those in the first place," he tweeted. Ito explained that he doesn't receive financial compensation when Konami decides to use Pyramid Head's likeness for statuettes or other types of game-related merch.


As intended, Ito never outright said why he wished he hadn't designed Pyramid Head. One fan's interpretation is the closest thing we have to the truth.

The mystery behind the Pyramid Head hate

A Twitter user called BigChapAlien21 investigated Ito's past tweets to come up with this conclusion, which received over 13,000 likes.

"For those asking why: Pyramid Head has grown too popular. Konami will never make another Silent Hill without Pyramid Head, but Pyramid Head was supposed to be for James only," they wrote, even commenting with a thread of sources that led to this assumption. "I'm making an educated guess based on past official statements by him, mentioning his lack of desire to use him in any possible future SH installments and plans to kill the character if forced to." One of these sources was a tweet from Ito himself discussing the possibility of killing off Pyramid Head.


"I would let Valtiel kill Pyramid Head easily. I leave its reason to your imagination," Ito wrote in response to a now-suspended account's tweet. For context, Valtiel is a monster introduced in "Silent Hill 3" as a foil to Pyramid Head. 

Ito's disdain for his iconic monster came as no surprise, as he's talked about it with fans for years. He also said he wouldn't discuss Pyramid Head's butt, which became a meme after his inclusion in "Dead by Daylight."