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Elden Ring: How To Beat The Valiant Gargoyles

"Elden Ring" is a title that consistently challenges players attempting to make the journey through the Lands Between, regardless of preparation. Just when players start to get comfortable using their powerful new Greataxe, a boss will come along that's resistant to physical damage. After daring catacombs filled with poison, players will suddenly realize they lack the means to cure the ailment. Past FromSoftware game knowledge teaches players not to trust one recurring character, but it turns out there's reward in pursuing friendship with Patches. If anything, "Elden Ring" knows how to catch players by surprise, and nothing can reflect that point more than the appearance of double boss battles.


After taking down the likes of Starscourge Radahn, players will likely leave the arena feeling strong. That said, all it takes is the appearance of two bosses simultaneously to sweep that goodwill away. One such encounter in Nokron, Eternal City starts off seemingly like a regular boss battle, but once the foe starts taking some serious damage, another stronger version of the enemy arrives. A single Valiant Gargoyle on its own is already a daunting task, but players may find frequent defeat when facing two. Here's how to get the jump on the Valiant Gargoyles in "Elden Ring."

Melee: Tread lightly and carry a big stick

Melee players will have the a tougher time with the duo Valiant Gargoyles than those who come prepared with magic or ranged options, but the fight is still manageable — with some considerations. Most importantly, melee characters will need a means of dealing out respectable amounts of damage to the bosses, as it'll be the key to victory. The best way for melee players to handle this fight is to keep the battle a 1v1 if at all possible. That may mean conjuring a Sprit Ash summon to keep the additional Valiant Gargoyle busy while the first is rapidly finished off. If players haven't already decided on the best Great Hammer or the most powerful Colossal Sword to bring into battle, now is a good time to do so.


The majority of the fight for melee combatants will be at the Valiant Gargoyle's feet, as nearly all of its attacks have a hit box a little bit away from the boss. The exception to this is when the foe begins vomiting poison, when it's changing weapons, or when it rears back and leaps into the air to charge at players. The poison puddle and weapon change should be avoided, while the charge attack may be rolled into for an opening. 

Overhead attacks and poise breaks work exceptionally well, as shown by Esoterickk's YouTube upload of the encounter. The same can be said for a shield build like the one demonstrated by Fextralife, though players will have to ensure they can still deliver enough damage.


Ranged: Keep your distance and blast away

Though ranged players (and magic users, especially) will likely find this encounter a little less demanding than a certain duo boss battle with an infamously hard-to-dodge roll, they'll still want to bring a favorite and tanky Spirit Ash summon into the fray. The Spirit Jellyfish Ashes work particularly well for this. As opposed to melee characters who typically want to stay right by the boss' feet, ranged players should stay on the move and as far away as possible. Otherwise, the strategy is essentially the same: The first Valiant Gargoyle encountered should be defeated as quickly as possible before moving on to the other, only players keeping their distance shouldn't have to worry as much about getting unexpectedly surrounded.


As YouTuber Emmarel shows, Rock Sling works well as a main method of damage for magic users, but any attack ranged or magical attack dealing a respectable amount of damage will get the job done. The key differences ranged players will need to watch out for are the airborne leaps and charges the bosses are capable of. Maintaining distance helps identify when one of these attacks are coming, but players will still need to roll or run out of the way to avoid a swift end.