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Elden Ring: How To Beat Patches

FromSoftware's "Elden Ring" is the hit new game that combines a sprawling high fantasy open-world with the signature punishing-but-fair gameplay of its creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Like previous FromSoftware titles, a major part of the action in "Elden Ring" is the boss fights. Most "Elden Ring" bosses are gigantic monstrosities with equally gigantic health pools, requiring dozens of attempts to bring them down.


Patches isn't one of them.

For FromSoftware game veterans, Patches is a familiar face. But if you're new to Hidetaka Miyazaki's games, he's a recurring character who's appeared in many of his titles and connected them. In 2008's "Armored Core: For Answer," he was known as "Patches the Good Luck." In 2009's "Demon Souls," he was "Patches the Hyena." In 2011's "Dark Souls," he was the ironically named "Patches the Trustworthy." In 2016's "Dark Souls 3," he was "Patches the Unbreakable." He even appeared in 2015's "Bloodborne" as a malformed giant spider. In "Elden Ring," he's Patches the Untethered, a sort of nomadic Tarnished.

Like in his previous incarnations, Patches is devious and untrustworthy. However, it's still worth completing his tasks, because he'll grant you some nice rewards. First, however, you'll need to defeat him in battle. But how do you beat a guy who has shown he's more resilient than any other "Souls" character?


The hardest part of defeating Patches is how sorry you feel for him

First, you'll need to find Patches the Untethered. He's located in Murkwater Cave, a small dungeon in central Limgrave, just north of Agheel Lake. Head inside and past the Site of Grace and keep to the right, where you'll find a small tunnel–be careful of the bandits inhabiting the cave, though. Head down the tunnel to find the yellow mist that signifies a boss fight.


Traverse the mist. Inside you'll find a larger cave with a campfire, some boxes, and a treasure chest, but otherwise no boss. Open the chest and loot it to find some low-level cloth garments. Unfortunately these belong to Patches, and he doesn't appreciate theft. Once the chest is open, Patches spawns on a ledge above and behind it. He quickly jumps down and attacks you.

Patches wields a spear and a shield, and can also cast the Poison Mist Incantation. Fortunately, his attacks are slow, so he's easy to dodge. He only has about 1500 hitpoints, so most low-level players should be able to take him.

At about one-quarter health, Patches tries to surrender. You can refuse and kill him, but doing so will block off the rest of Patches' questline. It's a long road ahead, but it will reward you with a Magma Whip Candlestick.