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Ludwig Reveals His Surprising Feelings About Gambling

Ludwig has dipped his toes into a high-stakes, controversial pool lately – and no, that isn't a reference to the hot topic that is Twitch's hot tub meta. The streaming superstar has been getting into gambling.

Ludwig isn't the only streamer who has developed an interest in gambling, though for him and many others, it's become a double-edged sword. In fact, the practice has become so popular in the industry that Twitch has taken steps to keep it under control, albeit without much success. Big names have gotten involved in the hype, including xQc, who recently opened up about his addiction to gambling. Trainwrecks has faced similar struggles. Though these two streamers have enough money to keep themselves afloat, it's still taken a toll. Even Pokimane has shared her concerns about the potential pitfalls of gambling streams.

Though gambling certainly has its ups and downs and it isn't for everybody, it's not all bad. Ludwig has been having fun and getting pretty lucky lately with the new entertainment venture. On May 1, Ludwig hosted his own million dollar streamer poker tournament and performed quite well. He ended up with over $400k in winnings and even took $100k from MrBeast in the process. Since then, he went on a trip to Vegas for his friend's bachelor party, resulting in a much different outcome. The incident revealed some of Ludwig's feelings towards gambling that even his fans might not expect.

Ludwig is over gambling and losing money

On a May 12 episode of "The Yard" podcast, Ludwig revealed his true feelings about gambling to his friends and cohosts. When his Friday through Sunday trip to Vegas came up, the crew was eager to hear what they thought would be a glowing review from Ludwig. However, his reality was much different. In his words, "I'm over it ... I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't fun losing the money, and I'm a bad gambler."

His friends were naturally surprised, and even encouraged him to try different strategies like switching tables if the wins are not coming. While Ludwig shared that one of his biggest mistakes was betting large sums all at once instead of taking it slow, it became clear that as of now, gambling is simply not piquing his interest.

Though Ludwig didn't snag any big wins, he had a thrilling experience that he described in his May 9 video titled "I lost $50,000 in Vegas and MADE Money." Long story short, he got to know some gambling insiders and enjoyed some perks from the casino -– not to mention plenty of drinks and a few sketchy bets. Whether it was the financial hit that is keeping him away or the fact that he already had the experience of a lifetime isn't clear, but it'll be interesting to see if Ludwig changes his strong opinions towards gambling as more time passes since his Vegas weekend.