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Warzone's Creepiest Glitch Is Somehow Worse Than Before

"Warzone" has enough problems, according to many players. Some high-profile streamers, like 100 Thieves co-owner CouRage, have abandoned the game altogether, citing glitches, a lack of interesting content, and of course, cheating. NickMercs quit "Warzone" in favor of "Apex Legends" because of his concerns over rampant cheating. Aside from bad actors in "Warzone," fans just aren't that excited over the game's new event content. Fans didn't give devs the reaction they hoped for after the release of Operation Monarch, a new Godzilla and King Kong-themed event. Not only did the event fail to expand on the lore of "Call of Duty" or the kaiju visiting its world, but it also offered underwhelming gear and skins for players to enjoy. There are plenty of reasons for fans to leave "Warzone," but those who have stuck around through the ups and downs were recently treated to something that's difficult to explain, a glitch that makes the game a lot more unsettling.

One Redditor was playing a casual match when suddenly they saw a creeping, hulking black mass spiking its way towards them. They were abruptly killed and booted back to the main menu of "Call of Duty," confused about what they had just witnessed. The eldritch beast blobbing around the map was clearly some sort of mistake, but that didn't make it any less unsettling to witness. The terrifying monstrosity could only mean one thing; One of the most terrifying glitches in "Warzone" was back.

Gamers have seen this bug before

Seasoned "Warzone" vets likely recognize this glitch, as it popped up back in 2020 to terrify players. The bug, which appeared after the game's Season 5 update, was the stuff of nightmares. As seen in one streamer's video, the glitch made opponents appear as flickering black boxes, which made them impossible to target or kill effectively. The worst part of the glitch was that the graphics didn't load the same for everyone, meaning that some players would see the unsettling black box while others would see the game loaded normally. This led to some players not believing their teammates that were being subjected to the terrifying monstrosities.

The issue had a relatively simple explanation. Something in the "Warzone" update caused gun textures to load incorrectly, stretching the guns into an absurd flickering black box. This graphics anomaly caused players to experience difficulties seeing enemies in the game, but it also restricted visuals for the glitched gun wielder as well. Overall, it was a bad time for everyone.

Developers patched these problems, and for a while things were normal in "Warzone." However, the problematic textures have now infiltrated another aspect of the game, making it difficult for players to see much of anything. Instead of gun textures being affected, this time it's, well, people. The latest bug to hit "Warzone" causes not just the gun textures to malfunction, but the entire character, making them appear as a giant, spiky, ominous blob. Imagine hunting for opponents when The Nothing comes ripping through the map, obstructing your view entirely. Fans aren't happy about the return of the glitch, but in addition to their frustration, they're also quite creeped out.

Fans couldn't help solve the glitch

Gamers have already drawn comparisons to other unsettling beings in pop culture. In response to a Reddit post sharing footage of the glitch, one user said that the player shouldn't have taken on the blob, while another compared it to the smoke monster in "LOST." More than one commenter explained that the glitch would make a wonderful "Warzone" themed creepypasta, something to scare future players with. Others took the opportunity to make a dig on Operation Monarch, saying that it looked harder than streamers had let on.

However, the original poster just wanted help with the glitch and a return to successful matches. Players unfortunately didn't have much advice to offer, and said that it seems to be a variation of the gun render issue. Instead of the gun textures failing to render, now the entire character has glitched, causing them to appear as a monstrosity. One responder helpfully said that the only solution is hitting it in the middle and hoping it dies. The solution is that there is no solution until developers take a look at the game's code and correct the issue. If past instances of the gun render glitch are any indication, this problem could be around for a while. For now, it's best to just shoot into the eldritch horror and hope for the best.