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New Warzone Glitch Is A Thing Of Nightmares

Call of Duty: Warzone has a huge following among fans of the franchise and battle royale games, but it's not without its faults. There have been various issues with the game that have been criticized by streamers like Dr Disrespect. However, there is a new glitch sweeping the game that has transformed Warzone into something almost unrecognizable.


Ever since the Season 5 update for Call of Duty: Warzone came out, it seems that there have been more and more reports of a bizarre glitch involving in-game weaponry. In many cases, guns in the game have been replaced by monstrous black cubes or other mangled polygonal shapes. Players have been sharing their experiences with this weird problem, and the results are simultaneously hilarious and horrific.

Twitch streamer CheeseTheGrate shared a clip of a recent match in which he drew his character's dual pistols, only to see them replaced by the aforementioned black cubes. This seriously confused CheeseTheGrate, who joked that he thought Infinity Ward had replaced his guns with boxing gloves.

Other players are discovering much larger issues when it comes to using weapons. A clip shared by Twitch streamer Shame1essGames shows his entire screen being taken up by wildly expanding glitches, almost like the weapon he retrieved from his loadout had started to mutate. For Shame1essGames, the glitch seemed like much less of a joking matter. He described the issue as "a killer" and demanded that the problem be fixed. It's totally understandable that gamers would be especially frustrated with this version of the glitch, since it literally obscures the entire screen and makes progression impossible. Not even a trip to the Gulag would sort this thing out.


Even worse, many players are finding that their opponents have been replaced by giant blobs or flashing squares. In an oddly hilarious clip shared by streamer YaBoyNamedBrady, he can be seen reacting with shock when his opponent comes running around the corner and is just a giant swirling purple mass. It's hard to tell where the enemy's hit box is or even if any damage is being done, but it also seems like YaBoyNamedBrady's opponent isn't aware of the glitch. The other player continues strafing like normal, suggesting that things may look totally fine on their end.

It's gotten so bad that some streamer have decided to stop playing the game until it has been fixed. As explained by Facebook Gaming streamer Darkness429, he didn't want to risk giving a viewer a seizure because of the strobing effect that has accompanied the glitch. He also explained that the glitches have basically progressed to the point where it's impossible to properly play the game. This is especially true when the opposing player only appears as a giant pulsating blob and your own gun looks like a big brick.

Darkness429 concluded, "I think that it's absolutely ridiculous that this hasnt been patched or even mentioned by devs."


Luckily for Darkness429 and others, the developer has finally responded to the uproar. For fans who are frustrated with having to deal with this issue, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that Infinity Ward is currently working on a few new patches that should clear up this graphical problem, as well as a few other minor complaints from fans. The bad news is that Infinity Ward is not sure when fans can expect that patch to go live.

According to Infinity Ward's Ashton Williams, "We've got two patches in the works that'll fix a few bugs: One has weapon tuning, a fix for an exploit, a fix for an error that occurs when opening the armory, and a few other issues."

Williams continued, "The second one fixes the graphical corruption issue with weapons ... and more. I don't have an ETA just yet, but we'll share more details when we're all set."

The past week or so has been a difficult time for gamers dealing with glitches. In addition to the bizarre weapon and character glitches present in Warzone, players of Red Dead Online have found the game almost entirely unplayable since it received a new patch. Players have reported NPCs and animals not spawning, side quests that can't be activated, and even weapons that cannot be fired. Sure, Warzone's glitches may be replacing weapons with bizarre black monstrosities, but at least they're still somewhat usable.


Hopefully all of these glitches will be addressed in the near future. For the time being, gamers will have to test their luck in Warzone and hope that they don't get one of the more game-obscuring glitches.