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Dying Light Dev Thinks This Was A Mistake

"Dying Light 2: Stay Human" featured fun gameplay and parkour that earned modest reviews from critics. However, lead designer Tymon Smektala apparently thinks that it could've been even better had they tweaked the protagonist's powers at the starting point. Smektala recently expressed that he would like to have this "corrected" if there was ever a "Dying Light 3."

Smektala reflected on this design decision while speaking with VGC about the delayed "Dying Light 2" DLC. "One thing is that, if we're making Dying Light 3, then I would like the main character to start with bigger and better starting abilities and skills," he said.

Smektala explains that "Dying Light 2" followed the same formula as the original where the player started "quite weak" before growing stronger. However, after reflecting on the game three months after release, he thought that the second game should've given the player more powers to take advantage of in the beginning. 

It's not quite as simple as just pumping up stats, though. Here's what it really means to make the character "stronger."

Dying Light 3 maybe featuring beefier protag

Most RPGs start off with an inexperienced character. After all, part of the point of RPGs is leveling them up and unlocking new notches on the skill tree. However, which powers and abilities can be acquired early on can affect progression and how players fight in the game. Adjusting the numbers is a possibility, but Smektala's words alone leave plenty up for interpretation.

"We did something very different in the second one, and actually this is something I would like to have corrected when I look at Dying Light 2 from the perspective of three months after the release," Smektala told VGC. "I think in the third game, if it happens, that the character will start with more powers, more skills, more abilities as his basic skill set."

"Dying Light 2" features a skill tree where players can choose between branching paths of abilities to strengthen their character. You can choose any path you want depending on which abilities would benefit you best. Note that Smektala's ideas for a stronger starting character apply to a theoretical "Dying Light 3." He's expressed ideas for another installment, but there isn't one officially coming yet.  

"Dying Light 2: Stay Human" came out in February 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It had a hefty DLC story scheduled for June, but it was recently delayed to September