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Celeste 2: Will We Ever Get A Sequel?

There aren't enough good things to say about the award-winning indie title "Celeste." Critics and fans agree this modern platformer is definitely still worth playing. This is largely thanks to its fusion of a heartfelt story with satisfyingly challenging gameplay that keeps gamers coming back to it again and again.

There's also the fact that "Celeste" provides much-needed representation to the LGBTQIA+ community with a canonically trans protagonist. The game additionally fearlessly tackles the topic of mental health. All these factors weave together through captivating retro gameplay that will push players to their limits while offering them chances to do things their own way.

All that being said, it only makes sense that "Celeste" fans are craving more. While the game offers a rich array of B-side Cassette content, nothing would be quite as desirable as a sequel. For fans desperate for a new adventure in Madeline's shoes, one question is at the top of everybody's mind: will the world ever see "Celeste 2?" The answer isn't concrete, but it is sure to intrigue the many gamers the indie success story has thrilled.

Celeste 2 hasn't been ruled out

In a 2019 interview with IGN, "Celeste" creator Maddy Thorson shared the scoop on a possible "Celeste" sequel. In her words, "As for Celeste 2, we really don't want to make a sequel to this game. Maybe in the future we'll change our minds, but right now we don't know how we'd do a sequel justice. And besides, we're way more interested in making something new for our next full release."

Currently, the developers behind "Celeste" at Extremely OK Games are working on the upcoming title "Earthblade." Since the indie team is a fairly small bunch, it's likely their energy will be focused on their most recent project for the foreseeable future. This is especially relevant since "Earthblade" is in its early days and still doesn't have a release date.

However, there's still plenty of ambiguity in Thorson's answer. She also discussed her team's Chapter 9 addition to "Celeste" with IGN in 2019, which was a free expansion added after successful sales. Since then, Extremely OK games published a sequel to the retro "Celeste Classic" in 2021. At the time, Thorson joked that "we said we probably wouldn't make a sequel to Celeste, but we never said anything about Celeste Classic."

Clearly, there's nothing on the horizon for a "Celeste" sequel at the moment, but it's also stayed an open topic which may leave fans eager for the possibility. In the meantime, "Celeste" sequel hopefuls can keep crossing their fingers and following both the game and developer's Twitter accounts where any updates are sure to be shared.