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Dr Disrespect's Real Life Behavior Confirmed

Dr Disrespect made a name for himself as a confident streamer full of bravado and proud of his numerous championship wins. Fans took to the persona readily, but out of costume, the Doc sometimes seems like a totally different person. The red tactical vest and mullet wig allow Dr Disrespect to slip into a cooler-than-cool identity, one who is confident in his abilities but is still not afraid to poke fun at himself. 


Even though plenty of streamers can't stand him, it's clear that the Doc has his own appeal, which has drawn a host of fellow streamers and devoted fans into his sphere. Still, fans might wonder how such a confident streamer behaves outside of the limelight. Luckily, some of the Doc's associates have revealed details about his real life behavior and how it might surprise fans.

Viewers have some ideas of what Dr Disrespect was like before the fame, and they also know that he has a fierce bond with his wife, Mrs. Assassin, but how does the Two-Time champ really act off-camera?

Doc is creative and passionate, one dev says

Dr Disrespect's upcoming battle royale, codenamed "Project Moon," and his new development studio, Midnight Society, have raised some eyebrows in the gaming community. The studio's approach to alpha and beta testing via its Founders Pass – a selective, paid process – has concerned and confused some fans, particularly in regards to the studio's use of NFTs. Regardless, it seems as if the Doc has things under control at Midnight Society, even though one of his devs recently left due to allegations of "abusive leadership." Don't worry, though. Dr Disrespect wasn't the oppressive boss.


Ryan Mitchell (a.k.a. Lorumerth on YouTube), a former dev from Midnight Society, recently posted a short YouTube video explaining why he chose to leave the company. Mitchell works as a digital marketing and content specialist, helping games reach wider audiences while also creating his own content for Twitch and YouTube on the side. In the explanation for his resignation, Mitchell set the record straight by saying up top, "This toxic person is not Dr Disrespect. I had nothing but good interactions with Doc. He's extremely creative, and his presence at Midnight Society still makes me confident that the studio as a whole ... is going to succeed." 

While the other unnamed party at Midnight Society might be causing trouble for staff, the Doc was apparently nothing but a joy to work with, creatively dedicated to the game he wants to help create. Hopefully, that passion translates to the game itself and creates an outstanding experience for champions everywhere.


NickMercs had a heartwarming meetup with Dr Disrespect

NickMercs really blew up in 2021, making a name for himself playing "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty" before moving on to "Apex Legends." His own popularity doesn't mean he can't get a little starstruck himself, though. NickMercs revealed that he had a hilarious meetup with the Doc, and the Doc confirmed that meeting in his own account of the encounter. Though Dr Disrespect joked that he could take NickMercs in a fight, NickMercs had nothing but love for the Doc. The pair ran into each other at the Super Bowl, where they both did a double-take at each other before they gave each other some love via a hug.


Even though NickMercs and Dr Disrespect both maintained their playful feud, claiming they could beat each other up easily, it's clear that the duo greeted each other warmly in real life. Part of Dr Disrespect's online persona involves a certain amount of macho posturing, as does NickMercs', so it only makes sense for the two to joke about fighting after meeting up, no matter how happy they really were to see one another.

The Doc shares a laugh with a fan

One fan surprised the Doc at a UFC match by posing a surprising question and causing the streamer to temporarily break his character. The fan caught Dr Disrespect as he was walking, beer in hand. Just as he leaned forward to take a sip, the fan asked him why he wasn't drinking a gin and tonic, calling back to the Doc's G&T-loving on-camera self. Doc did a small spit take, laughingand telling the fan they'd caught him off guard. The streamer gave a sly smile to the fan, who hadn't announced they were recording.


Even though the interaction was short, it seemingly showed that the Doc enjoys interacting with fans in real life almost as much as his friends. Viewers were quick to call the interaction "wholesome," but some thought that the interaction was unfair, as the Doc was just trying to enjoy an event and didn't invite someone to come record him (even though he was in full costume). Regardless, Dr Disrespect clearly took the moment in stride.