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NickMercs Reveals Hilarious Dr Disrespect Meetup

Known for his proficiency in FPS and battle royale games like "Apex Legends," "Call of Duty: Warzone," and "Fortnite," NickMercs is arguably one of the most popular streamers in the game today. The Twitch veteran has carved out a huge audience than includes over 6 million followers on the platform and is known both for his obvious talent when it comes to playing games and his willingness to express his honest opinions on the current state of the video game industry. NickMercs also has a longtime friendship with fellow streamer Dr Disrespect, another popular figure in the streaming space who isn't known for hiding his feelings, either.

The two bombastic streamers have always engaged in funny banter, and even once embarked upon a fun Twitter feud that was so hyped up, even UFC fighter Max Holloway jokingly offering to referee any actual confrontation that would take place. Of course, the entire ordeal was nothing serious, but just another example of the two constantly busting each other's chops online. And now, fans have learned that NickMercs and the Doc recently met in real life — and the meeting was every bit as hilarious as you might expect.

NickMercs describes meeting Dr DisRespect at the Super Bowl

NickMercs recently enjoyed some time off from streaming, during which time he and his wife went to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles (per Dextero). While at the game, Nick unexpectedly came across Dr Disrespect, who was also in attendance. During a recent stream, Nick described the meeting in hilarious detail.

"I'm walking into the game ... There's people everywhere," NickMercs told his viewers on a stream uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 26. He continued, "I'm looking left and I'm looking right and I look back left and I see a tall guy with a 'stache! I did a double [take], and right when I did a double, he did a double... I said 'no way,' he goes 'get the f**k out of here!'" The two then approached each other and exchanged a warm greeting.

When describing the meeting, Nick acknowledged Doc's real-life height — the Two-Time Champion is 6'8" — but jokingly said that he still feels he could take him in a fight. "So he's very tall," Nick said, describing Doc's height in real life. "Very, very tall. But he's skinny-skinny... Hey, chat! Between you and me... I got him! I 100% got him!"

Of course, fans shouldn't expect Nick and the Doc to engage in any actual confrontation that results in fisticuffs. Even so, the chance meeting made for a story that fans of the two streamers absolutely ate up.