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Salt And Sacrifice: Where To Use The Simple Key And Hideout Key

There are many hidden secrets to uncover in "Salt and Sacrifice." The new Metroidvania from Ska Studios is jam-packed with deadly mages to hunt and concealed items to uncover. Critics have praised "Salt and Sacrifice" for a combination of missions reminiscent of "Monster Hunter" and Soulslike elements. While it only takes a short time to beat, you can extend the campaign exponentially by collecting all the available gear, grinding enemies to level up your character, and exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of the setting.

There are several Key Items necessary to proceed down certain questlines or to unlock specific areas. Some can be received by choosing a specific Crime at the beginning of the game, while others are either dropped by enemies or hidden somewhere out in the world. Two such items are the Simple Key and the Hideout Key. Both are located in Ashbourne Village and can be obtained as soon as the player has the Grappling Hook. Finding them is the easy part, as neither provides a good indication as to where they can be used in "Salt and Sacrifice."

One key unlocks another

Players need to find the Simple Key to unlock the Hideout Key. The Simple Key is located in a treasure chest concealed on the eastern side of Ashbourne Village. Head up the ladder at the edge of the courtyard that has a wooden post in the center and four stone chairs along the buildings to the rear. At the top, climb the wooden platforms until you see a grappling point which can be used to swing to a hidden platform under the stone ledge. This is where the chest with the Simple Key is concealed. The description reads: "A simple metal key. It seems to be of a type typically associated with metal lockboxes." Useful for knowing what to use the key on, but utterly unhelpful as to the lockbox's location.

Once players have collected the Simple Key, they should return to the wooden platforms, leap up to the stone ledge, and make their way up the tower. This involves wall-hopping, grappling, and facing a few enemies before reaching the room at the very top. There they will find the metal lockbox that requires the Simple Key to open. It contains the Hideout Key.

What to do with the Hideout Key

The description on the Hideout Key reads: "A small bronze key. It seems like a secret thing for secretive folks, dungeon-dwelling smugglers and outlaws." The term "dungeon-dwelling" gives players a small hint about where they will be able to use it, but it could certainly be more specific.

Heading east from the guard post in Ashbourne Village eventually leads to a split staircase. Taking the stairs down leads the player to the Craterstone Mines. Drop down to the bottom of the scaffolding that runs through the center of the mine. There are several enemies along the way. At the bottom, head west and drop down the ledges until you see a dark doorway leading to Stonehall Dungeon. Dropping down the numerous ledges just beyond the dungeon entrance eventually leads to a rusty looking door. This is where players can use the Hideout Key.

Inside, players will find an NPC named Merchant Raury who thanks them for rescuing him from his imprisonment. He asks if the player considers themselves "an ally to the less than law abiding." If the player says yes, he tells them to meet him in the caves below Pardoner's Vale. From this point on, players can purchase Blueheart weapons, armor, and consumables from him in the Treacher's Grotto area.