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Apex Legends Mobile's Perk System Explained

Following an excitement-filled limited regional release and pre-registration campaign, "Apex Legends Mobile" has finally launched worldwide, bringing the successful battle royale game to Android and iOS platforms. Despite the sizable hardware downgrade from PC and consoles to smartphones, the mobile iteration of "Apex Legends" maintains the dynamic gameplay and core personality of the game very well. Beginner-friendly and easy to jump into — despite the minor bugs and balance issues that are part and parcel of a fresh launch — "Apex Legends Mobile" is already shaping up to be a solid companion title to the online multiplayer FPS.

Aside from the mobile-exclusive character of Fade and distilled gameplay, one of the more distinguishing aspects of the mobile version is the addition of the perks system: skill trees unique to each character that unlock additional benefits the more you play that character. It's a deceptively simple way of spicing up the simplified gameplay of the mobile version, offering customization that opens up a wider range of strategy and playstyle options for each individual character.

Here's a rundown on the perks system in "Apex Legends Mobile," from unlocking the menu and skill trees to creating a loadout for your matches.

Gaining levels on your main

The perk tree for each Legend can be found in the "Details" tab of the "Legends" menu, but you won't have access to them until after a few matches. Each match you play will earn you EXP for the particular Legend you played as, with the amount earned based on your performance in the match. The initial unlock condition for the "Legend Growth" menu isn't exactly specified, but it more or less seems that the first level you earn for any Legend will make the system accessible: Just keep playing matches as the character you want to main, and it should come up eventually.

Once unlocked, you'll see that there are three types of skills you can earn: Perks, Finishers, and Abilities. You can only equip one skill of each type at a time, with setup slots where you can build your custom loadout (as well as an Official Recommendation tab that'll pick them for you). Each skill is unlocked with tokens that are earned when a Legend levels up, with skills farther along the tree needing larger amounts of tokens. 

Unfortunately, the tokens are unique to each character and you'll have to level each Legend individually. It's a good idea to have at least two or three characters moderately leveled to maintain maximum versatility in case someone else picks your main. The more skills you have, the more you can mix and match to better adapt to particular maps and squad compositions.