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Elden Ring: Where To Get The Silver Scarab Talisman And What It Does

Despite the Lands Between feeling quite unforgiving, there are some incredibly useful items in "Elden Ring" that can really help out the Tarnished. One type of item that is incredibly important are Talismans, which grant special perks or bonuses when equipped. As you progress through the game and take down some of the larger dungeons and bosses, you will unlock the ability to equip more Talismans, letting you create some wicked combinations. While "Elden Ring" fans are in agreement that katanas are the best weapons in the game – likely because bleed is so powerful — it seems like the best Talismans are still up for debate.

One of the Talismans that is considered great, however, is the Silver Scarab Talisman. This rare item doesn't provide a boost to your stats, but will be incredibly helpful, especially for hardcore players. "Elden Ring" players across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, (sorry Nintendo Switch owners) should track down this item. Here is where you can find the Silver Scarab Talisman and what it does.

The Silver Scarab Talisman increases item discovery

The Silver Scarab Talisman increases item discovery. That means it increases the drop rate of non-guaranteed items from enemies. This doesn't affect boss weapons that are guaranteed to drop, but is useful for farming items that only have a percent chance to drop. To acquire this item you must head to the Grand Lift of Rold and use the secret medallion to enter the Secret Path to the Haligtree. If you don't have the medallion, one half is found in Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants and the other is found in the Village of the Albinauries in Liurnia.

After entering the Secret Path to the Haligtree, you will find a set of stairs to your left, as shown in a playthrough by Kibbles. Head up the stairs and you will see that part of the railing is broken to the left. Jump down onto an invisible bridge and follow that path forward into a hallway. At the end of the hallway is a chest, which contains the Silver Scarab Talisman. If you are having trouble finding the invisible bridge, try throwing rainbow stones or other items down to see where it is.