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MultiVersus Has Already Replaced Smash Bros. In A Big Way

Since rumors about upcoming title "MultiVersus" started circulating last year, many gamers have kept an eye on what could easily be the next "Super Smash Bros."-level crossover sensation. Though the game will release on all major consoles but the Nintendo Switch, thus avoiding direct competition, it's basically impossible to miss the striking similarities. And now, it looks like "MultiVersus" is going to be moving in on the Nintendo brawler's territory in another major way.


While gamers have been burned before by less-than-stellar "Smash Bros." clones in the past, like underwhelming "Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl" (which didn't even include voice acting), "MultiVersus" has certainly instilled some hope in fans. For starters, the massive roster including everyone from Wonder Woman to Steven Universe to Ultra Instinct Shaggy and many more is a big draw.

"MultiVersus" is currently in Closed Alpha testing from May 19 to May 27. After that, there'll be an Open Beta in July 2022. And that's not all. A recent announcement from the game's developers and a major esports event have proven that "MultiVersus" will definitely be able to deliver in a way "Smash Bros." can't.

MultiVersus is coming to EVO

The Evolution Championship Series, AKA EVO, is right around the corner, and it's official: "MultiVersus" will be a featured part of the festivities. As revealed in a Twitter update from May 12, "MultiVersus" will be holding a 2v2 tournament at EVO, complete with handsome payouts for the best 32 teams. There will be a $100k prize pool up for grabs, so the stakes are high. It should be interesting to see how players perform, considering the game is still not fully released.


The fact that "MultiVersus" will be at EVO is especially notable, considering "Super Smash Bros." will be absent entirely. That surprising news was announced back in February through a lengthy Twitter update from EVO. As the post pointed out, "Smash Bros." has been linked to EVO since 2007, so this is a big departure. There was an air of mystery regarding the news, especially given this tidbit from EVO: "We are saddened that Nintendo has chosen not to continue that legacy with us this year. In the future, we hope to once again celebrate the 'Super Smash Bros.' community alongside them."

As far as what this all means for "MultiVersus," it seems that a perfect storm may be brewing. Without "Smash Bros." commanding attention at EVO, gamers are more than likely to dabble in the new title, and the EVO appearance could very well secure success and notoriety for "MultiVersus." Even if it's a flop at the tournament, gamers can still get swept away in the wild fun of pitting Shaggy against anybody and everybody.