MultiVersus Mods Are Already Making The Game Weirder

Going by the concept alone, "MultiVersus" is a fascinating concept. Similar to games like "Super Smash Bros.," "MultiVersus" is a crossover fighting game that will feature characters from multiple Warner Brothers-owned properties — be it "Batman" or "Scooby-Doo." The game is currently set for a release at some point in 2022, with the closed beta going live at some point in July, and it has already gained quite some attention. Some have even implied that certain elements of "MultiVersus" could eclipse "Super Smash Bros." in a big way and initial impressions are looking good. There is one thing about it that might give some fans pause, though. It's kinda weird.


As fun as it sounds, seeing Shaggy go into "Ultra Instinct" mode in the game's trailer is kind of wild. The potential to see an iconic character like Batman potentially brawling with Finn the Human from "Adventure Time" is just as bizarre a prospect. Obviously, fans are having just as much fun with the Player First Games title, and already adding mods — or at least the concept of mods — to the game prior to its wide release. Some creative gamers have even thought up ways to make the game even weirder than it already is.

A modder has added different characters to MultiVersus

Despite not being out yet in any kind of capacity, it seems that some gamers have already begun adding their own twists to the style "MultiVerse" is going for. One particular user on Twitter, @junior3dm, recently showcased some of these modifications that they've already made in anticipation of the new title. The mods include the characters of Rayman, Goku from "DragonBall Z", and even Minecraft Steve from "Minecraft," editing them into pre-existing game footage. To be honest, they're quite convincing. Junior was able to add these mods using previous builds of "MultiVersus" obtained by 4chan.


The end result is hilarious and doubles down on the not-so-serious tone that "MultiVersus" has shown in its marketing. It's not just new characters that are being modded in, either. Junior was also able to restore previous versions of characters left over from alpha builds of the game, such as the Fern skin for Finn the Human. Junior isn't the only modder seemingly getting in on the fun. Elsewhere on Twitter, user @UltIMa647 shared their own modifications by adding alternative skins for Tom & Jerry.

This is truly the strangest timeline. As time goes on, one can only expect these mods to become more prevalent and common among whatever fandom "MultiVersus" is able to cultivate.