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V Rising: How To Get Whetstone And What It Does

Even though the game is currently still in early access, there's already plenty to do in "V Rising." There is a vast world full of monsters and bandits for players to explore as they seek to regain their vampiric strength, convert the locals into their loyal thralls and build up a towering castle that no foe would dare to approach. This sets it apart from other amazing vampire games like those in the "Castlevania" series, which is more action-oriented. 

Building a bloodsucking empire isn't just a simple matter of completing quests, however. There is actually a pretty heavy crafting element to the game. Players who wish to rule over their own personal kingdom of darkness will need to gather lots of different resources in order to do so. Many of these will be obvious and players will uncover them as they progress through the campaign normally, but others are a little trickier to find.

In order to build up the castle walls, players will need to construct Stone Bricks using a crafting station called the Grinder (per PC Gamer). But before they can do that, they will first need to gather eight Planks, 4 Whetstones and four Copper Ingots in order to build the Grinder itself. Copper deposits are all over and Planks are pretty easy to craft from lumber using the Sawmill. The game doesn't exactly tell you where to find the Whetstones, though.

Raiding bandit camps in V Rising

The player is going to have to get their hands a little dirty in order to start collecting Whetstones since, unlike the other building materials, they don't exactly occur in nature. They can be crafted later in the game once the player has obtained the recipe from defeating Grayson the Armourer. This method requires a Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust for each Whetstone, but they can be obtained much more easily by raiding bandit camps.

There are several different kinds of bandit camps throughout the map. There are two Bandit Encampments, a Bandit Armory and a Bandit Stronghold in the Farbane Woods. Whetstones are dropped by enemies and can sometimes be found in barrels in all of these locations. Most of the enemies in these areas range from level 20-30, so players should be careful to make sure that they are properly leveled to face the mobs of angry bandits before they launch their assault.

The best location for farming Whetstones seems to be the Bandit Armory, which is located just north of the Vampire Waygate on the eastern side of the map. Not only does the gate make access to the Armory easier, but Stone Dust can also be found here — which will be useful for further crafting, once the Grinder is complete.