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V Rising: How To Level Up Your Gear

Move over "Lost Ark," there is a new Steam game taking the world by storm. "V Rising" is an early access, online vampire RPG. In the game, players can work together to gain better gear and improve their homestead, as they aim to take over the world. "V Rising" has had a ton of success since launching, catching the developers off guard (via IGN). It's currently available on Steam for $20. "V Rising" has a real strong chance of being one of the best early access games of 2022, attracting players with its unique RPG mechanics and gothic world.


One of the more interesting aspects of "V Rising" is the lack of traditional RPG progression. Instead of levels and XP, a player's rating is based entirely on their gear score. The gear score increases whenever you get and equip better equipment. Here's the best way to level up your gear and increase your gear score in "V Rising."

How to level up your gear in V Rising

According to PCInvasion, in "V Rising" the maximum gear score is 80. In "V Rising" there are two ways to level up your gear score: finding new gear and crafting new gear. The loot drops in "V Rising" are pretty scarce, so you will need to craft gear to make your way through the game. Characters have access to a personal crafting system, which can be upgraded by crafting the Simple Workbench. After that, there are a few specialty crafting benches to create, like the Tannery, Furnace, Grinder, and the Woodworking Bench.


Once you reach gear score 30, you will need to start unlocking recipes via technology. You will need to get recipe drops throughout the world by defeating bosses, which will allow you to unlock via the research desk. The boss at Farbane Woods' Bandit Stronghold, Quincey the Bandit King, drops recipes for iron weapons and Hallowfang Battlegear. As you progress through the game, bosses will continue to drop better crafting recipes.