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Why Call Of Duty's New Ghost Actor Sounds So Familiar

A new "Call of Duty" game is on the way, to no one's surprise, but instead of being a one-off like "Vanguard," the upcoming title one will be a sequel to a previous game in the series. And it's probably for the best, as "Vanguard" got off to a rocky start. The upcoming "Call of Duty" game, titled "Modern Warfare 2," will be released on October 28th as a sequel to 2019's "Modern Warfare." However, it's not to be confused with the 2009 entry by the same name. Activision has confirmed the new game will share at least one thing in common with 2009's "Modern Warfare 2," though. Specifically, the upcoming game will feature the fan-favorite Simon "Ghost" Riley character. However, the character's original voice actor won't be reprising the role.

In 2021, Activision cut ties with Ghost's voice actor, Jeff Leech, after some clips of Leech making inappropriate comments about women during interviews and livestreams surfaced (per VGC). Recently, actor DJ Samuel Roukin confirmed on Twitter that he will be taking over the role of Ghost for "Modern Warfare 2." Many may have already come across the actor, as he has been in multiple TV shows and movies. Here's why the new voice of Ghost sounds so familiar.

He played a British Army General

Samuel Roukin is best known for his role as John Graves Simcoe in the AMC historical drama "Turn: Washington's Spies." The show follows the events of the spy network called the Culper Spy Ring, established by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. These spies provided crucial information about the British Army's strategies and locations to the American revolutionaries — but Roukin didn't play a spy.

Instead, Roukin's character, John Graves Simcoe, was based on a real-life British Army General that played a substantial role in hindering the revolution. The show takes some liberties in its depiction of Simcoe. Simcoe is portrayed as a sociopathic villain who would do whatever it takes to secure a victory for the British. However, due to some excellent storytelling and Samuel Roukin's superb acting, viewers witnessed a convincing evolution of the character that ended with him becoming a respected Canadian governor.

He brushed shoulders with wizards

It's hard to find someone that hasn't read or watched the "Harry Potter" series, and anyone that has watched the films has seen Samuel Roukin. Specifically, in "Deathly Hallows – Part 1," Roukin played a small but essential role as an unnamed Snatcher. Snatchers were bounty hunters assembled by Voldemort in 1997 to find and arrest muggle-borns. Although Roukin's character wasn't given a name, it's known that he served under werewolf bounty hunter Fenrir Greyback during the Second Wizarding War.

Roukin's Snatcher can be spotted among a group of his fellow bounty hunters as they captured the main trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron and brought them to the Malfoy Manor. But, Roukin's Snatcher wasn't in the film long, as once arriving at Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix Lestrange kills him via a powerful spell after noticing that he stole the Sword of Gryffindor out of Hermione's bag.