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Elden Ring: How To Find Mask Of Confidence

The Lands Between of "Elden Ring" is jam-packed with unique items for players to discover, and armor is no exception. There are dozens of different armor pieces in "Elden Ring," each with a distinct appearance. Attentive players may notice that some armor pieces also provide bonuses detailed in their descriptions. For example, the Crucible Axe and Tree Sets strengthen incantations such as the Aspects of the Crucible: Horns. Some armor is more straightforward, increasing basic stats like Strength or Dexterity.

Magic users benefit greatly from any piece of armor that increases Arcane. This makes the Mask of Confidence a solid pick for any Arcane build. It increases Arcane and Discovery by 3 while also providing impressive damage negation for a lightweight helmet. Like a lot of items in "Elden Ring," the Mask of Confidence is hidden, and many may have missed it. Here's exactly how to find it.

Mask of Confidence location

Unfortunately, players cannot grab the Mask of Confidence on a fresh low-level character. Instead, they need to advance far enough into the Ranni the Witch questline to access a secret area in the Carian Study Hall. To start or continue Ranni's questline, players can talk to her in Ranni's Rise in western Liurnia of the Lakes. Additionally, Starscourge Radahn needs to be dead to unlock Nokron, Eternal City and continue Ranni's quest.

Once players make their way through Nokron, Eternal City, and obtain the Fingerslayer Blade, they must return to Ranni to receive the Carian Inverted Statue. They can then go to Carian Study Hall to the east of Liurnia of the Lakes and interact with the globe on the desk in the center of the room. This flips the tower upside down and unlocks a hidden area.

Once flipped, players should head to the back of the tower, jump down into the elevator shaft, and move straight forward until they reach the ledge overlooking the hall. Upon first entry to the inverted study hall, players need to take care of the pesky teleporting mage who pelts them with spells from a distance. Once the mage is dealt with, run a short distance southeast and jump down onto the small ledge below. The Mask of Confidence is located on a body slumped over an opening in the wall.