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Randomized Elden Ring Might Be The Best New Way To Play

Now that "Elden Ring" has been out for a while, players who took an early journey through the Lands Between are likely trying to find new ways to keep the experience fresh so that each successive adventure through the title packs the same punch as the first. It's something that's easier said than done, considering the enemies, bosses, and items in "Elden Ring" have fixed spawn locations and won't be surprising players who've already encountered them before. 

While some players have opted to freshen up the experience with mods that kick co-op up a notch or force the most fearsome adversaries into death matches against one another, these mods still lack a sense of wonder and allure that draw many players into the game during their first run. Now, however, a new mod actually caters to those who want to remain surprised at every twist and turn, randomizing everything players experience in "Elden Ring" from the common enemies patrolling the game world to the fearsome bosses, and even item drops. Of course, it's probably not something players will want to download before their first journey through the Lands Between, but for those who are going into a second or third adventure, it'll be sure to keep players on their toes.

Item and Enemy Randomizer mod ensures a new adventure each time

Players can find the Elden Ring Item and Enemy Randomizer mod on Nexus Mods, and the tool does exactly what its title infers. Enemies, bosses, key items, regular consumable items, NPCs, and shops will all be randomized when the player loads into the game. On top of this, creator Matt Gruen says that the mod can be tweaked by players to create wildly unique runs. Gruen uploaded a short video to Twitter coinciding with the mod's release, showing off a character exiting the tutorial area and finding themselves confronted by several iterations of the title's meanest boss – a challenge worthy of the legendary Let Me Solo Her if there ever was one. 

Thankfully, this won't be the experience every player will run into, as the flood of Malenias was something customized to show off just how much control players have while using the tool. Responding to the tweet, several players were quick to voice their appreciation for Gruen's work, maintaining that the mod will result in potentially hundreds of additional hours of playtime as players frantically try to keep pace with the rapidly changing game world. One user said, "Randomizer mods have always been my favorite in souls games. This has potential of another 200+ hours of play into my game." Just when players thought they'd conquered every challenge "Elden Ring" had, now they can fight against the hands of fate.