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The One Elden Ring Boss That Malenia Can't Beat

Out of all the creative ways to play "Elden Ring," modding the game to make Malenia fight its fearsome bosses is one for the books. Players have already made the game their own many times with tactics as varied as VR mods and alterations to make the game fully compatible with a Fisher-Price toy controller. There's also the many inventive runs players have taken, from perfect playthroughs to beating the game while fully overloaded with equipment to a strategic victory combining the power of the head and the butt. Nothing's off-limits, and the "Elden Ring" fandom clearly has plenty of ideas.


Given all the unique ways players have made "Elden Ring" their own, it makes sense that when YouTuber Garden of Eyes posted a 40-minute mod where Malenia must defeat her fellow bosses on May 12, 2022, hundreds of thousands of fans took note. This rings especially true since Malenia has a reputation as the game's most impossible-to-beat boss, even for legendary player Let Me Solo Her.

A total powerhouse as always, an AI Malenia was able to hack and slash her way through many "Elden Ring" bosses without a problem. However, a few gave her some challenges, including one that brought her to defeat.

Maliketh, the Black Blade Slays Malenia

While Malenia had an easy time taking down most of the "Elden Ring" bosses featured in the video, a few gave her a run for her money. While a few technicalities caused Malenia to lose against bosses like Radahn due to arena size, not many had a chance against her on a level playing field. There's also the fact that the AI seemed best suited against similarly-sized bosses in terms of reaction time.


Making quite the impression, Fire Giant, Mohg, Lord of Blood, Dragonlord Placidusax, Radagon, and Rykard all managed to get her to her second phase, bringing about her Goddess of Rot form. Though the Blade of Miquella made it out of all those fights relatively unscathed, the same can't be said for her encounter with Maliketh, the Black Blade.

Though there are some helpful tricks to beat him for players who are stuck, Maliketh is a challenging boss by any standards. His swift strikes leave players little time to think, and even with a carefully curated approach combining all the right weapons, skills, and strategy, his fight is no small feat.

Though AI Malenia held her own against Malekith, she was simply outmatched at the end of the day. However, the fact that she was a player-made AI may have contributed, as a few well-timed dodges and slightly different programming arguably could've helped her get the upper hand. Regardless, it is really something to see two of the most challenging bosses in "Elden Ring" battle it out.