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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

The latest entry in the "Monster Hunter" franchise, "Monster Hunter Rise" made quite the critical impression. What's more, the game is about to get a humongous expansion that will give players new motivation to keep at it. Though there may not be a seventh entry in the main series any time soon, the upcoming release of the "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" DLC will certainly keep fans of the games busy in the meantime.


"Monster Hunter Rise" has already won the hearts of fans thanks to an abundance of new monsters, creepy moments that'll make players jump, and well thought out details that distinguish the title from other action RPGs. Now those who have already poured hours into the game will have all the more reason to revisit it.

There's already been quite a bit of buildup for "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak," which means players can get a solid impression of what to expect from the large expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release date

According to the official website, "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" will release June 30, 2022. Just like the base game, which started as a Switch exclusive before receiving a port, the DLC will be available for both Nintendo's handheld and PC. There are a few requirements for players hoping to access "Sunbreak." First, they need to own "Monster Hunter Rise" already. Additionally, they have to get past the Hub 7★ Quest "Serpent Goddess of Thunder" from the base title.


Though "Sunbreak" retails for $39.99, there are some perks for players who own "Monster Hunter Rise" but choose to forgo the expansion. A few "Sunbreak" features, including weapon updates, free item packs, and character customization vouchers, will be available to all "Monster Hunter Rise" users. Also of note: Every "Monster Hunter Rise" player will be required to download the 13GB update if they want to play online.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer

There are currently three trailers for "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak." The reveal trailer dropped back in September 2021. The minute-long sequence gives a small glimpse into the upcoming expansion, mostly focusing on a majestic dragon flying amongst ruins with a full moon in the background, which combines with cinematic music to create an intense, dramatic vibe. It also set the original release window of Summer 2022.


Capcom shared a second teaser at The Game Awards 2021. Epic music and a narrator set the scene for a transforming monster bathed in moonlight. A group of people battle the creature, including one who insists that she deliver the final blow since "this is a royal matter," nodding to a new plotline. There's a cut to the characters on a ship as they arrive at a mountainous outpost revealed as Elgado.

Finally, the third trailer for "Sunbreak" features over two minutes of fast-paced footage that gives players a look at the many monsters to come. A life-draining creature known as Malzeno is described in the beginning, illuminating what was shown in the original reveal trailer. Other than that, fans get to see the same royal character from the previous trailer once again fighting for her kingdom, some impressive Switch Skill Swaps, and plenty more monsters and battles along the way.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gameplay

Beyond the gameplay features revealed in the trailers, the "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" website offers more details about what the expansion brings to the table. Some of the key aspects include "improved gameplay and nimble-feeling additions to combat mechanics, unique new monsters and hunting locales, and a new difficulty level in the form of Master Rank quests."


Players take on the role of Kamura's savior. This key location is close to a kingdom haunted by elder dragon Malzeno, a.k.a. the leeching creature highlighted in some of the trailers. The hunter travels to Elgado to solve the monster violence problem once and for all. Malzeno won't be the only monster players have to focus on. The wolf-like Lunagaron makes an appearance in the Shrine Ruins, where the hunter must also unite with Fiorayne, knight of the Royal Order.

In addition to a promising new plotline, "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" has improved hunting functionality and added new weapons, quests, areas, and characters. Overall, the upcoming DLC seems set on bringing more of what players love to the franchise – epic, fast-paced fantasy with signature "Monster Hunter" flavor.