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Every Diablo Immortal Class Ranked Worst To Best

"Diablo Immortal" started out riddled with controversy. While some fans weren't originally happy at the announcement of a mobile MMO, some were calmed when the news came that it would also be on PC. The best part is that there aren't too many differences between the mobile and PC versions of the game, and they'll allow for cross-platform play. Despite the original reception of the game, tons of fans and critics began talking positively about the game when it was released on June 2, 2022.


Because "Diablo Immortal" took the series in a new direction, there's also a new audience of players who are curious about its class system and which character type is the best to play. This isn't exactly an easy question to answer, though. Each of the six classes has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some classes are better for certain styles of gameplay. However, there are some characters that stand out for other reasons, good and bad. 

Keep in mind that any of the classes can be great depending on what you're doing in-game and how they're built. Any class can be the best if it's your personal favorite, and a lot of subjective ranking goes into playstyle.


The Wizard class centers around being a glass cannon, but it's good at blowing up hordes of enemies and even dishing out pretty great single-target damage as well. However, the fact that they basically need to stick to the back of the group has some people classifying them as the worst class in the game.


Because Wizards can't take too much total damage, it's one of the harder classes to play. Anyone playing a Wizard has to focus on dodging and limiting mistakes in order to stay alive, all while landing skill shots and working with long cooldowns (per Reddit user u/Firdecek). Game8 explains the weakness of the class by pointing out that positioning is vital to playing the class. This means that Wizards have to constantly kite enemies around, or dodge enemy attacks while dealing damage when their skills are up. The majority of that damage comes from skill combos, and unfortunately, the skills often have long cooldowns. 

Despite the great utility and damage that Wizards can have, the difficulty of playing them really hinders the class.



Placing slightly higher than Wizard is Monk, earning its higher rank simply on the grounds of being a bit easier to play. Instead of dealing with long cooldowns, Monks can actually spam their abilities. However, this can also be a downside. As WUDIJO at Maxroll points out, it's not exactly easy to use your ability combos over and over without breaking them. You're more likely to make mistakes when you're having to quickly hit combos back-to-back, and it can be tiring to constantly be that focused in longer fights.


The one upside that Monks have is that they're melee fighters, so players don't have to worry about being accurate with their abilities in the same way that they do for the Wizard class. Unfortunately, being melee fighters also means that Monks have to play close to their targets, which can be difficult for some people, as avoiding enemy attacks is more difficult the closer the player is to the blows.

On the upside, Monks are great at manipulating enemies to help their team land other abilities (commonly called crowd control). So while Monks aren't the best class, they can be strong allies under the right circumstances. In fact, one Reddit user pointed out that Monk worked well for them in PvE.


Demon Hunter

When it comes to the top four classes in the game,  people will argue that any one of them could be the top class. However, they all have traits that make them useful for specialized tasks. Demon Hunter is arguably the least strong of them, but it excels in other ways.


Demon Hunters are outstanding when it comes to single-target damage, but they've got a similar problem that Wizards have. They just don't have the defenses to back themselves up (via Icy Veins). On top of that, Demon Hunters aren't great at anything in "Diablo Immortal" that requires teamwork. They're also notoriously bad against groups of enemies. That being said, Demon Hunters can pack a punch on single enemies, making them a top choice for those who like to go it alone.

Overall, their lack of useful situations makes them a bit weaker choice compared to some of the other classes despite their incredibly high damage output. One Reddit user pointed out that other classes make up for their lack of damage with utility, better multi-target damage, and defense.



The Barbarian class in "Diablo Immortal" is a standard tank class. Barbarians deal out pretty major multi-target damage while also being able to soak up a lot of damage, sparing their team from the blows. They're relatively easy to play since they don't have to worry too much about constantly evading enemy abilities. In other words, they're a good pick, especially for new players.


However, that doesn't mean that they're without fault. According to Wowhead, Barbarians struggle when it comes to one-enemy situations because their specialty is in multi-target damage. Not only that, but the massive numbers that can sometimes come from enemies can take them out. In that case, players that aren't used to evading a lot might struggle to adapt and overcome.

Despite the negatives, many people still consider Barbarians to be the best in the game, especially for PvE. As noted by u/TaucerGaming on Reddit, Barbarians also have good Speed, making them a pretty solid jack-of-all-trades.


The Necromancer class is truly a standout. There's something almost busted about being able to summon things to both attack your enemies and become a disposable tank. This makes the class extremely easy to play, since you're not focusing on dodging things or having to constantly spam abilities.


In addition to soaking up hits, Necromancers also deal out major damage with their "pets," and they can perform well against both single targets and groups of enemies. Overall, it's an incredibly well-rounded (and tough) class in the same way that the Barbarian is. Rise Up Gamer pointed out that the class is also favored because of its crowd control and healing options to really round out a team comp or perform perfectly fine in PvE.

This versatility earns Necromancer a high spot on any tier list; the fact that it's an easy class to play and that it dishes out tons of damage is just a bonus.


Crusader is the most common pick for best class in "Diablo Immortal," and there are several good reasons for that. They can deal tons great damage while also absorbing a lot of hits as more of a tank. Additionally, they can heal their teammates and provide team buffs to help take down enemies, making them incredibly useful in every area of the game.


When it comes to PvE, Reddit user Professional_Poet pointed out that Crusaders have the fastest times in terms of beating things, making them a good choice for getting through the PvE areas of the game. On another subreddit thread, one user pointed out that Crusaders seem like the best free-to-play option as well. Considering the vast majority of people who play free-to-play games don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, this is a pretty key benefit.

So, if you're an average player looking for the best class to play, your best bet is to start with a Crusader. They're one of the most well-rounded classes in the game, and there aren't many downsides to the class as a whole.