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Ludwig Had A Surprising Reaction To Depp/Heard Meta Backlash

It's unlikely that you haven't heard about the court case between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber heard. Since April 11, the internet has been awash with opinions, reaction videos, commentary, analyses, oodles of reuploaded footage from the trial, and no shortage of memes. Plenty of streamers have also covered the proceedings, revealing their true thoughts on the trial and its participants. 

Some of those thoughts weren't well-received, such as the Amber Heard meme that landed Pokimane in hot water. In fact, many fans seem to be upset with streamers seemingly "cashing in" on the popularity of the trial. In a video recently uploaded to his alternate account called "Mogul Mail," streamer Ludwig not only addressed feedback from viewers regarding his own coverage of the Depp vs Heard hearings, but he candidly shared some behind-the-scenes reasoning for his content.

Ludwig reveals trial coverage as his most-watched stream

In his video, Ludwig reads a direct message that he received from a viewer. The writer claimed to be a 28-year-old woman, and expressed how upset she was to see Ludwig and other streamers focusing so much attention on Amber Heard. "I can't even imagine what victims of abuse feel like watching someone's life get bulldozed by the media. Even if you did try to remain a little unbiased, you did use this case for content. I just don't have any more words for how disappointing this is to see," she stated. 

Before continuing, Ludwig agrees with the fan's final point, saying that he did create content from the trial. He then opens and shares some statistics for his channel. According to these stats, the most-watched stream he ever produced on YouTube was during his coverage of the court proceedings. "This is sad to look at for me. This is embarrassing, because I have put work and effort and passion into projects like Mogul Money or the poker event or whatever else and they were dwarfed by me being a vehicle in which people would consume a court case they would have watched anyway," he says. "Am I a giant piece of s*** for covering the trial? Possibly, but I'm also a content creator who adds no value to the world in the first place. So, no surprises there." 

Despite the direct message and presumably additional angry fans, plenty of Ludwig's viewers voiced their support for the way he streamed the trial. Perhaps those positive comments will help Ludwig feel that he has added something of value.