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Diablo Immortal: How To Establish Warband Camp

For a game that nearly got booed off its own announcement stage, "Diablo Immortal" is doing fairly well after its release. Reviews say the game has well-structured gameplay, intuitive controls, and a faithfulness to the "Diablo" timeline that doesn't feel like the knockoff cash-grab everyone had expected it to be. The signature isometric RPG experience has been packed down to pocket-size without losing its charm.

This includes the in-depth multiplayer system that makes it easy to play co-op without making it mandatory for progressing. In addition to being able to add friends, there are two types of multiplayer groups a player can join: Clans — which are essentially guilds of up to 100 members — and Warbands, an 8-man group for running content with a set party. "Diablo Immortal" provides Warband-exclusive content and bonuses, so it's very much worth looking into if you're planning on being a regular player. You can either join an existing Warband by private invitation or public recruitment, or create one yourself. However, you'll have to establish a Warband Camp before you can access the special stash and bonuses: here's how.

Clearing out the campgrounds

Establishing your own camp gives you access to the exclusive goodies: a shared Warband inventory stash and the option to fight Helliquary bosses for ranking rewards (via StillAliveGG). You'll also benefit from a 5% bonus to item drops from all monsters as well as a chance to find a Sealed Warband Chest that can be opened by the Warband Steward for extra loot.

There's a catch, however: setting up the camp requires you to slay 10,000 monsters at the campgrounds as part of the 'Establish the Warband Camp' quest. This is as much of a tedious grind as it sounds — what's worse is that currently, the quest description leaves out the crucial fact that you must be in a party with at least one member of your Warband for your kills to count towards the quest. Without them, you'll just be aimlessly killing monsters and making no progress towards establishing your camp, so make sure to grab your Warband buddies to pitch in on the grind.