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Diablo Immortal: How To Solve The Mirror Puzzle

"Diablo Immortal," the arguably pay-to-win "Diablo" mobile game, released on June 2. Since then, questions from players about the best classes, how to upgrade gear, and how to solve certain quests have come pouring in. "Lost Runes," the fifth quest in the "Library of Zoltun Kulle" questline, has especially stumped players with its mirror puzzle.


The "Lost Runes" mirror puzzle tasks players with rearranging mirrors so that the beam of light in the room hits the rune in middle. In the beginning, the beam isn't touching the rune, but you easily find that it will bounce off any mirror it touches. There are five mirrors used in the puzzle, each of which move across the tracks on the floor. You can only move them in the directions that align with the tracks.

You can just fiddle around with mirrors until they click into place, but sometimes it's easier to just look up a guide, especially if you're not invested in the puzzle-solving portion of the game. Here's how to solve the mirror puzzle in "Diablo Immortal" quest, "Lost Runes."

Repositioning the mirrors in Diablo Immortal

As seen in YouTuber Kibbles video guide, you only really need to move three mirrors to solve the "Lost Runes" puzzle. In addition to this mirror puzzle, Kibbles uploaded a guide on the "Lost Runes" lamp puzzle that involves lighting 9 lamps at once to progress through the quest. 


Kibbles only moves the two mirrors to the left and the one in the upper right. Approach a mirror to receive the prompt to move it up, down, right, or left depending on the tracks. One mirror to the left starts with the beam touching it, and the other one doesn't. Push the one without the beam touching it (on a horizontal axis) to the left. Then, push the one touching the beam (on a vertical axis) downward. Then, push the upper right mirror down twice — once isn't enough. You might even be able to piece the solution together after moving a few of these mirrors.

"Diablo Immortal" is available for PC, Android, and iOS. Players have had a bit of a roller coaster reaction with the game, originally giving it a frigid reception at BlizzCon, lightening up after the alpha and beta, and then souring again after finding out about the pay-to-win problem. Critics still praised it as a "true Diablo game."