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How Long Does It Take To Beat The Quarry?

Supermassive Games' long-awaited "The Quarry" hits shelves on June 10th. "The Quarry" is a spiritual successor to 2015's "Until Dawn," sharing many of the same gameplay elements and story beats. For fans of the horror genre, this is a good thing, as "Until Dawn" is an award-winning game loved by many. However, since its announcement, gamers wondered if "The Quarry" would feature a similarly lengthy story as "Until Dawn" or be shorter, like Supermassive Games' more recent titles (per GameRant). Regardless of the game's length, it's hard to find anyone who will be disappointed by its setting.

"The Quarry" follows the story of nine camp counselors who become stranded at a summer camp shortly after the kids leave. Being stranded isn't their only worry, as things quickly take a turn for the worse, with dangers lurking around every corner. And like in almost every horror film, characters start to get killed off one at a time.

Although "The Quarry" isn't reinventing the wheel with its story, its gameplay is very distinct compared to other games in the horror genre. Instead of gamers gunning down hordes of zombies, "The Quarry" plays out like a long horror movie where players' choices affect the story in a big way. But the question is, how much longer is the game than a standard two-hour-long horror movie?

The Quarry takes around 10 hours to beat

Because "The Quarry" is more akin to a movie than a video game, its length is more or less set in stone. Game director Will Byles told SegmentNext, "Depending on the player, a single playthrough of The Quarry can take about ten hours." Byles also made a point to mention, "The game is also designed to be highly replayable, as we think many will want to go down alternate paths and make different choices." Anyone that has played a Supermassive Game before will know that choices such as if a character lives or dies will greatly alter the story, making for multiple endings. So, it's no surprise that the game has a ton of replayability. However, Byles also mentioned that the game features a death rewind system that can revert characters' deaths, so a player doesn't have to replay the whole game to change a character's fate.

Fortunately for busy gamers, the ten-hour length of "The Quarry" is an easier pill to swallow than that of a game like "Elden Ring," which can take over 30 hours to beat. Still, horror fans could essentially watch five movies in the time it takes to beat "The Quarry." Based on the reviews, the unique experience of impacting a horror story through player choices is worth the time investment.