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Fortnite Could Look Completely Different Soon

Epic Games released "Fortnite" way back in 2017, but it looked nothing like the battle royale that would eventually take over the world, apart from sharing the same cartoony art style. That's because originally, "Fortnite" was a co-op tower defense survival game. Only later did Epic Games slap together a battle royale mode in an attempt to compete with games such as "H1Z1" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." Since then, Epic Games has continued to make massive changes to the game, affecting core gameplay mechanics. This constant evolution sets "Fortnite" apart from its competition and — for most — prevents the "Fortnite" experience from becoming stale.

The most recent and best example of the evolution of "Fortnite" is Epic Games completely removing the then integral building mechanic from the game. However, building eventually made its way back into the game, with no-build becoming a separate game mode entirely. Now, Epic Games looks to be toying with what could be the biggest change yet for "Fortnite."

Fortnite may be going first-person

According to a Tweet by "Fortnite" news source HYPEX, Epic Games is working on a first-person camera mode for "Fortnite." HYPEX has become something of a reliable source in the community, known for leaking upcoming "Fortnite" changes through data mining — such as when it leaked the Slurp Bazooka and the Snowman NPC before they were released. So, people took this new alleged information seriously. If the leak is true, it's big news for "Fortnite," as although a first-person camera exists in "Fortnite Save the World," it has never made it into battle royale mode.

However, not everyone was convinced. Many were quick to note that the screenshot used in HYPEX's Tweet is from a video showcasing a glitch in the game from two years ago. Although HYPEX didn't explicitly say the screenshot was recent, some have a hard time believing them because of this. However, that didn't stop gamers from sharing their opinions about a first-person mode in "Fortnite."

Reactions to a first-person "Fortnite" mode were mixed. Some gamers believed that its inclusion would make Fortnite the "only video game anyone ever needs!" However, others were hesitant about the idea, like @zombie500000, who argued that players looking to play a first-person battle royale should play "Apex" instead. Additionally, many gamers were on the fence about the idea, stating that it would work but only as a separate game mode. Whether first-person mode actually makes its way to the "Fortnite" battle royale mode is uncertain. If Epic Games does decide to add it, it will likely come amidst the already massive "Fortnite" Chapter 3.