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It's Time To Talk About This Minecraft Spin-Off Rumor

According to rumors, there may be another "Minecraft" spin-off game in the works at Microsoft. Since the company purchased Mojang and "Minecraft," there has been discussion around what the console maker plans to do with the IP. While "Minecraft 2" doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon, the franchise has instead been used to make related titles set in the same universe like "Minecraft: Story Mode" and "Minecraft Dungeons." The latest entry appears to be a real-time strategy game with a "Minecraft" twist.


This rumor comes from Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb co-founder and former editor, who said during a Twitch broadcast that a new "Minecraft" spin-off is on the way. "From the basic descriptions, and I got to see a couple of screenshots of it, it seems like a real-time strategy game," said Gertsmann. "But the difference is you're controlling a Steve-esque unit on the field and ordering your units around in a third-person view. And you're taking on Piglins and it'll have a story and cut-scenes and all this other stuff." While the screenshots sound promising, Gertsmann's alleged intel spawned some questions.

Microsoft may reveal Minecraft spin-off at Summer Game Fest

Gerstmann said during his Twitch stream that he doesn't know how far along development is or if the game would be revealed during the Xbox Showcase at the Summer Game Fest on June 12. Gerstmann also wasn't sure which studio is working on it. "Minecraft Dungeons" was co-developed by Mojang and Double Eleven, so it's possible that the former brought in another studio to help with this project as well. It's also unclear if this spinoff will be Xbox and PC exclusive or appear on other platforms as was the case with "Minecraft Dungeons."


The prospect of a "Minecraft" RTS seems exciting to some fans, although others are just happy to see Microsoft making use of its many franchises. "Man, Xbox are firing on all cylinders, ACTUALLY USING THEIR MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR IP'S? I think they want to take over this generation, if they get that cadence going, they'll have games every 3 months until 2026, easily," one Reddit user wrote. Another Redditor said they are willing to give this game a shot since they enjoyed "Minecraft Dungeons." Microsoft's big event is only a few days away, so players might not have to wait too long to see this new "Minecraft" installment along with whatever else Xbox might be cooking up.