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Elden Ring: How To Solve Lenne's Rise Puzzle

In 2022, "Elden Ring" was finally released, and it quickly became one of the top games of the year, with some immediately calling for it to be Game of the Year, despite releasing in February. Just as quickly, some fans were looking ahead to wonder what "Elden Ring 2" could look like. Others were finding new ways to experience the thrill of the game under various conditions, including one cute way to play.


It's no secret that "Elden Ring" is incredibly difficult. It's not a Soulslike title for nothing. With arduous tasks like Chelona's Rise Puzzle, there's plenty to do in the world of the game. However, sometimes things aren't exactly easy to get through. The puzzle to get into Lenne's Rise is particularly difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Luckily, Torrent, your horse, can help get you in the right place if you know what to do, and it's easier than you might realize.

Getting into Lenne's Rise

YouTuber Sofa Supastar Gaming shared an easy way to solve the puzzle at Lenne's Rising, which also unlocks a slot for an extra spell. First, you'll want to make sure you're in the perfect position by going around to the front side of the Site of Grace and riding Torrent towards the mountain on your right.


From there, you'll hit a Spirit Spring that shoots you and your trusty steed into the air. It helps to turn towards the tower behind you first. When you're in the air, you'll aim toward the tower, and if you aim correctly, then you'll land on stairs by a doorway. You'll need to use Torrent's double jump in order to pull this off.

That's all you have to do! While it may take you a few tries, it's a pretty straightforward way to complete the puzzle and get the additional Memory Stone.