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Modern Warfare 2's Price Tag Is Causing An Uproar

To nobody's surprise, a new "Call of Duty" is on its way. But instead of being a one-off title like "Call of Duty Vanguard," the upcoming "Modern Warfare 2" is a sequel to the record-breaking "Modern Warfare (2019)." To further complicate things, "Modern Warfare 2" will technically be a reboot of "Modern Warfare 2 (2009)." However, Activision's confusing naming system isn't dampening the hype. Just last month, Activision announced the release date of "MW2," and fans are more excited than ever to get their hands on the upcoming game.

However, although it won't be released for another four months, "MW2" has already been engulfed in an alarming amount of controversy. For one, "Modern Warfare 2" is releasing on last-gen consoles, leaving many worried its graphics and gameplay will be watered down to compromise. Additionally, Activision announced that it isn't bringing back the iconic Ghost voice actor Jeff Leach to reprise his role in "MW2" after he made a number of sexist statements in public (Per videogamechronicle).

And now, "MW2" was hit with its biggest controversy yet. When gamers started preordering "MW2," they were met with two versions of the game, a Standard Edition and a Vault Edition. The Vault Edition is the more expensive of the two, selling for a whopping $100. Still, it includes some goodies like an Operator Pack, early access to the Open Beta, Battle Pass skips, and other cosmetic rewards. However, the Standard Edition's price is what really has gamers up in arms.

The Standard Edition is $70

According to Call of Duty's official blog, the standard edition of "Modern Warfare 2" will run gamers $70 across all consoles. This ten-dollar bump in price follows the recent trend that PS5 titles like "Demon's Souls" established when the new console was released (per businessinsider). Unsurprisingly, fans are upset that the $70 price tag is also in place for last-generation game copies. Social media users like @N1CKRICH pointed out that while other online games are making a move to free to play, Activision greedily decided, "Let's raise the base price AND over charge for weapon variants." Games like "Fortnite" and even "Warzone" are free to play to get as many gamers as possible into in-game shops, where they can purchase cosmetics, so gamers feel like a $70 game that's full of microtransactions is unfair.

On top of all of this, the Standard Edition doesn't even come with the Season 1 Battle Pass that's releasing alongside the game. So that's another ten dollars down the drain for gamers that want to get the most out of "MW2." Additionally, this news comes fresh off the heels of the announcement that cosmetics in "Warzone" won't transfer over to "Warzone 2" (via charlieintel). Not only will gamers have to buy new skins for their guns, but they will also have to pay a $70 entry fee.