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Twitch Streamer Exposes The Most Frustrating Part Of Diablo Immortal

"Diablo Immortal" is one of the most controversial games in recent memory. When Blizzard first announced the project as a mobile game at Blizzcon 2018, the crowd erupted in boos. "Diablo" fans were enraged that this previously PC-centric series was getting a mobile-only title. However, upon its release on June 2nd, many were surprised by the game's quality. Critics praised the gameplay and controls of "Diablo Immortal," with many likening it to "Diablo 3." So why is the game causing such an uproar?

The biggest and most glaring issue with "Diablo Immortal" is that many consider it pay-to-win. Players can simply go to the in-game shop and buy items instead of farming for them traditionally, like in "World of Warcraft." But what makes it worse is that players need to roll the dice on the items they buy from the shop to get better-quality ones. And unfortunately, the odds of getting the best gear in the game are extremely low. It's so bad even that some users calculated that it takes around $110,000 to get best-in-slot items.

Unsurprisingly, gamers didn't take too kindly to this greedy loot box system and bombarded the game's Metacritic page with poor reviews, giving "Diablo Immortal" the second-lowest user score on the site. Now that Twitch streamers are digging into the game, viewers have a front-row seat to watch some of the biggest gamers spend their exorbitant cash on "Diablo Immortal."

Streamer spends $10k for nothing

Just a week after "Diablo Immortal" first went online, Twitch streamer Quin69 inadvertently showcased just how greedy "Diablo Immortal" can be. Specifically, on June 8th, Quin69 attempted to get his hands on some 5-star gems, the rarest Legendary Gems in the game (per Wowhead). The problem is the odds of a gem being 5-star is .05%, as some analysts have deciphered. So Quin69 had no choice but to start buying gems like crazy in his quest to get a 5-star. However, after 13 hours, Quin69 was down NZD 10,000 (around $6.4k) with not a single 5-star gem to show for it.

Unsurprisingly, Quin69 started freaking out when he calculated just how much money he spent. The streamer started jumping around his room, screaming, "I spent ten thousand dollars and got nothing." He sarcastically exclaimed, "This is a great game ... Blizzard should be proud" He also pointed out he could have bought a car with that amount of money.

It's safe to say many gamers now understand why "Diablo Immortal" was banned in multiple regions, as its predatory systems can quickly drain people of their money. And this new direction Diablo has taken has many worried about the state of "Diablo 4." But as for Quin69, he has already stated he will keep pumping money into the game and will likely hit $20k spent soon.