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Elden Ring: How To Solve Albinauric Rise Puzzle

It seems that nearly every tower in "Elden Ring" has a secret reward hidden behind some puzzle or riddle. Some of them, like the Mirage Rise Riddle, are long and extensive endeavors. Some, like the Invisible Bridge at Heretical Rise, have a quick and simple solution obscured by frustratingly misleading hints.

Thankfully, the puzzle at Albinauric Rise falls on the short and sweet end of the spectrum. Located in the Consecrated Snow Fields, the tower is quite predictably sealed upon finding. The only clue is offered in the form of a statue of two imps fighting near the tower entrance, which seems obscure until you realize that there are two very conveniently placed imps circling the tower.

The best part is that you can get creative in how you actually start the impromptu imp death match. Here are all the ways you can solve the Albinauric Rise puzzle to claim the Graven Mass Talisman.

You only have to deal with one of them

The first solution is the most intuitive: stab one of the imps with a Bewitching Branch to make it a temporary ally, then sit back as it mauls its former patrol buddy until only one remains. You can craft a Bewitching Branch so long as you have the third Fervor's Cookbook — which can be bought from the Twin Maiden Husks after defeating Maliketh or received from Gideon as a quest reward.

The second solution is to rain Crystal Darts on one of the imps until it becomes enraged, then lead it to the other imp. This is a little trickier, since the frenzied imp has a chance of attacking you as well; but try to jump or dodge out of reach, and it should start pummeling its partner sooner or later. You'll need to buy the eleventh Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes to craft Crystal Darts.

The third solution is to kill one of them while you have your own imps summoned with the Fanged Imp Ashes. Apparently, the tower isn't strict about which imps are attacking each other: So long as your imps land at least one hit, you can finish them off and meet the criteria. If you want to skip the deathmatch and take the hands-on approach, you can pick up the ashes from the Isolated Merchant east of the Main Academy Gate site of grace for 2000 runes.