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Goat Simulator 3 - What We Know So Far

Coffee Stain Studios has just announced a brand new entry into one of the most bizarre game series of all time in the form of "Goat Simulator 3." Hardcore "Goat Simulator" fans might feel a little confused by the announcement of "Goat Simulator 3," considering "Goat Simulator 2" doesn't exist. However, given the cheeky nature of the franchise, it's clear to see that the creators are holding nothing back in cracking up their audience, even ahead of the game's release.

First announced during the Summer Game Fest opening night livestream, the news about "Goat Simulator 3" is quite fresh in fans' minds. That being said, its creators have already been generous in sharing an abundance of details, so players can know what to expect from the upcoming title. From the looks of things, "Goat Simulator 3" will do everything the original did and then some. Here's what we know so far.

Is there a trailer for Goat Simulator 3?

The announcement trailer for "Goat Simulator 3" — which takes a shot at the still-unreleased "Dead Island 2" — was an unforgettable part of Summer Game Fest 2022. It starts off nonchalantly enough, with someone doing some pre-run stretching, including an armpit sniff that's the first tip-off that things are about to get silly. The runner then starts to listen to music as they go for a jog by the water. He throws a roller skater a thumbs-up, and she returns a thumbs-down as a goat emerges to headbutt her straight into the water.

Chaos carries through the remainder of the trailer as a goat with a jetpack descends to headbutt some more unsuspecting humans. Meanwhile, the runner continues, adding some humorous contrast. There's another goat firing what looks to be a laser at a chef with a giant head, not to mention someone getting casually hit by a car – but in a funny way. A goat emerges from the car to fire a projectile at someone parasailing above, which sets off yet another chain reaction of nonsense, this time with one bleating buddy spreading an electrical charge.

All the while, the runner is undisturbed until he steps in a pile of goat droppings. He turns around to see the four mischievous goats eyeing him down. The goat in the front bleats at the runner, and as it delivers a headbutt, there's a cut to the title and additional game info. Needless to say, this satirical trailer was jam-packed and completely off the wall.

Is there a release date for Goat Simulator 3?

"Goat Simulator 3" hopefuls won't have to wait around long to get their hooves on the next chapter of mayhem in this one-of-a-kind series. As revealed in the announcement trailer, the game has been slated for a Fall 2022 release window. The quick turnaround is a nice treat for gamers who are often used to waiting months (if not years) to even get a release window. While it's possible things could change, this specific window more than likely means "Goat Simulator 3" is close to being ready, if not already finished.

Whenever "Goat Simulator 3" comes out in Fall 2022, it'll be available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It's unclear whether or not the game will be released on next-gen consoles only, or if it will also come out on PS4 and Xbox One. But still, it's exciting to see the legacy of "Goat Simulator" continuing across multiple consoles.

What will the gameplay be like in Goat Simulator 3?

Gameplay for "Goat Simulator 3" will likely be very similar to that of the original. The action game is all about destroying as much as you can and living your best goat life. As described by its creators, "It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff."

The game website spelled out further gameplay details beyond the similarities shared with the original. Described as a third-person sandbox adventure game, "Goat Simulator 3" is set on San Angora island, a massive locale with all-new events, areas, and challenges. The game will offer both single-player and multiplayer options for up to four people, just as its predecessor did, including couch co-op and online play. There are also seven minigames for groups to enjoy.

The goats in "Goat Simulator 3" are naturally the stars of the show. Best of all, they're fully customizable with everything from jetpacks to rolls of toilet paper and beyond. There's also the promise of additional creative opportunities. As the website spells out, "a vast new sandbox awaits with tons of hidden secrets, quests and collectables to uncover." There will also be new ways to get around, including the equally reasonable options of driving and simply exploding, plus ways to meddle with people using things like fire, electricity, and alien goo. "Goat Simulator 3" is shaping up to be even zanier than the original.