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Stranger Things Reveals Retro Mobile Game

Now you can visit the Upside Down right on your phone.

Stranger Things announced the release of a mobile game that looks and feels a lot like something that fits the show's 1984 setting, although it's almost more like an 8-bit game you would've played on Game Boy or a system from the '90s. 


In Stranger Things: The Game, users can explore Hawkins, Indiana, and solve puzzles using the unique abilities of each character. Players will collect Eggos and Gnomes and can compete with friends' Speed Run times on social media leaderboards. 

The show's official Twitter account posted links to the app, along with a 30-second preview of gameplay. Check it out below and download the game for iOS and Google Play.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things 2 will premiere on Netlix on Oct. 27, and the season promises to be "very unpredictable."