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Outpost - What We Know So Far

"Outpost" (working title) is an upcoming first-person shooter from indie developer Team Ranger and publisher Lightning Games. Although Team Ranger is relatively unknown to Western audiences, Lightning Games is no newcomer to the scene. Its has found moderate success releasing multiple 2D action entries such as "Hardcore Mecha" and "ANNO: Mutationem." Both titles feature a distant future setting where technology has evolved past human control. Now "Outpost" is shaping up to be another human versus machine story.


Although "Outpost" is a first-person shooter, it's far more intricate than games like "Call of Duty." Instead of constantly testing the player's aim, "Outpost" emphasizes survival, exploration, and base building. In addition, although it can be played solo, the strategy FPS pushes cooperative gameplay. This combination of mechanics makes for a unique experience. Here's what you should know about "Outpost."

Outpost release date and platforms

Currently, there is no release date for "Outpost." However, gamers can still experience some of what "Outpost" has to offer as soon as today. Interested individuals should head to the "Outpost" Discord, where the developers are accepting applications from anyone who wishes to join its Early Access Playtest Campaign. The playtest began on June 10. with an expected end date of July 1. The current version [of 'Outpost'] HAS NO main storyline and related content, with incomplete beginner's guide," warned the developers on Discord. Additionally, the team explained it could only provide a limited amount of test keys, so not everyone will get an invite.


At the moment, "Outpost" is a Steam exclusive. Team Ranger stated that it aims to get the game on other platforms in the future. For the time being, prospective buyers can go ahead and wishlist the title on Steam to stay updated.

Outpost trailer

On June 11, gamers were treated to a world premiere gameplay trailer for "Outpost" during the 2022 Future Games Show. Although the trailer is only a little over a minute long, it offers some insight into what combat in "Outpost" is like. Specifically, the trailer showcases the player defending their base from a seemingly endless horde of machines by employing multiple strategies and devices at their disposal. Although the gun has no trouble taking down machines, the player's automated turret defenses are powered on to keep the enemies at bay when they pile up.


Playtest gameplay video showcasing almost eight minutes of unedited gameplay released alongside the Future Games Show trailer. This segment focuses on what players can do outside of combat, like looting items, collecting resources, and building their base. In addition, this clip gave gamers a sneak peek at the story of "Outpost" via radio conversations with some of the NPCs.

Outpost gameplay

In "Outpost," players shoot hordes of machines in first-person mode using high-tech weapons. They can also build a base complete with defenses such as turrets and walls. First, players must harvest resources like ore and wood to get construction materials. Once they have the required resources, they can build a base via a top-down tool that looks to function similarly to construction in "Starcraft." Additionally, the game appears to have story elements that will affect gameplay, as detailed in the Playtest gameplay video.


Although the developers of "Outpost" haven't released much in terms of details, the Steam listing describes it as having multiple modes and maps players can take on for varying rewards. The game also has a random element, making maps feel unique no matter how many times they are encountered. Players have the choice to do all of this alone or with a group of friends.