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Everything New Added In Killing Floor 2: Tidal Terror

Although Tripwire Interactive is hard at work on its new multiplayer "Among Us" style game, Deceive, it hasn't forgotten about its loyal "Killing Floor 2" player base. For the uninitiated, "Killing Floor 2" is a six-player co-op zombie slaughtering game that took some of the best ideas from "Call of Duty: Zombies" and ran with it. Unlike other co-op zombie survival games, "Killing Floor 2" has stood the test of time thanks to the developers periodically dropping free content for gamers to enjoy.


For example, one of the biggest "Killing Floor 2" events was a steampunk-themed summer event released in 2019 at zero cost, giving players new modes, weapons, cosmetics, music, and interface improvements. But after Tripwire's CEO stepped down following controversy late in 2021, players were left wondering if the future of "Killing Floor 2" was in jeopardy. Now, Tripwire is back with a new "Killing Floor 2" summer event that takes players somewhere they've never been before: the deep sea. This new event, titled "Tidal Terror," brings new weapons, items, a new map, and a new game mode to "Killing Floor 2" (per PC Gamer). Here's everything coming in the "Killing Floor 2" Tidal Terror update.

New weapons

As discussed on a recent Shacknews livestream with the community manager for "Killing Floor 2," the Tidal Terror update brings two free Horzine Research Group weapons to "Killing Floor 2," the HRG Crossboom and the HRG Head Hunter. First, the HRG Crossboom is a tier 3 weapon that's a modified version of Sharpshooter's Crossbow firing explosive bolts. Additionally, the Crossboom has a secondary fire that deals that functions similarly but deals less damage at the cost of having a  bigger explosion radius. The second HRG gun, the Head Hunter, is a tier 3 hitscan weapon that's a modified version of Field Medic's Hemogoblin. The Head Hunter's primary attack shoots darts that increase the size of enemies' heads when struck. Once the enemies are full of darts, players can use the gun's secondary fire to deal massive damage.


Additionally, two DLC weapons are coming with the Tidal Terror update, the Sentinel for Commando and the Reduction Ray for the Survivalist. First, the Sentinel is a tier 3 gadget that hovers above players while firing a machinegun, functioning as a floating turret. In addition, the Sentinel also self-detonates when it is out of ammo. The second DLC weapon being released is the Reduction Ray, a tier 3 weapon that shoots a beam of energy that shrinks enemies, leaving them more vulnerable to certain damage types.

New map and more

Unsurprisingly, the Tidal Terror update brings a new map to "Killing Floor 2" titled Rig. The Rig map is exactly what it sounds like, a deep ocean oil rig that brings a lot of exciting z-axis fighting to "Killing Floor 2." The Rig is also huge, featuring a maze-like layout that will have even the most experienced "Killing Floor 2" getting lost. But the Rig isn't complete without players fully kitted out in the new Deep Sea Nautical outfit.


Additionally, Tidal Terror brings a new game mode, also a new game mode called Arsenal Ascent. In Arsenal Ascent, traders are disabled, and players spawn with only a knife to defend themselves. Players must then pick up weapons dropped by enemies, with the quality of weapons dropped increasing with the player's score. And upon the first completion of this new game mode, players are rewarded with a Precious Supply Backpack. While not much is known about the finger details of Arsenal Ascent, fans can get in on the action early by participating in the live beta for PC.