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Minecraft: How To Spawn And Beat The Warden

There are a limitless number of things that players can do in "Minecraft." They can explore dungeons in search of artifacts and enchantments, mine for materials, or even build whole worlds to enjoy with friends. But sometimes players just want to switch to Survival Mode and battle some beasties. There are plenty of enemy types to fight in the game, from simple skeletons to the iconic Creepers, and new ones are constantly being incorporated.


Wardens were one of four new enemy mob types added in "Minecraft" 1.19 as part of "The Wild Update." This expansion was designed to focus on the scarier aspects of the natural wilderness. It also introduces ancient cities and two new biomes: the Deep Dark and Mangrove. Wardens fit into this new environment perfectly, giving off the appearance of subterranean cryptids with glowing chests. Finding and defeating Wardens can be a little tricky for players who don't know where to look, however.

Players can find Wardens underground

Wardens don't spawn regularly like most other mobs. Instead, players have to go down into the Deep Dark and search for a redstone block called a Sculk Shrieker. These little square tiles have blue, glowing tops and four white pieces coming off corners. As the name suggests, these tiles shriek when a player steps on them or when they set off a nearby Sculk Sensor. Players may have to trigger that shriek multiple times if the Warden doesn't appear right away, but one will eventually spawn so long as the light level is lower than 11 and there isn't another Warden within 48 blocks.


Being subterranean creatures, Wardens are completely blind, relying on detecting vibrations and their sense of smell to find nearby enemies. This means they can detect players through walls. Just because they can't see doesn't mean that fighting one is easy though. Wardens were designed to be difficult to kill, inspiring most players to try and sneak past them or avoid summoning them altogether.

Use ranged or reach weapons to beat the Warden

Players who would rather fight a Warden than sneak past one are in for a challenging battle. They currently deal the most non-explosive damage of any mob-type in "Minecraft," capable of killing players with weaker armor in just one or two hits with their bare hands. A sonic shriek attack emanates from their chest, and they can inflict the player with a Darkness effect. Not to mention they are also immune to both fire and lava damage and aren't affected by knockback.


The best way to defeat a Warden is to stay out of range of its fists. Bows and tridents allow the player to fight Wardens from a distance. Creating a perch where the Warden can't reach may also prove valuable, though players will also have to be wary of the ranged sonic attack. Even if the plan is to stay out of range, it's still wise for the player to make sure they have a good set of armor and plenty of health restorative consumables before picking a fight.