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Diablo Immortal: How To Get Wings

Like all games in the "Diablo" franchise, "Diablo Immortal" is full-to-bursting with loot for players to collect. Most of this has some sort of practical application, like armor to keep the player character safe, weapons that can be used to smite their enemies, or currencies to invest in new equipment, upgrades and abilities. Unfortunately, this is where the game also runs into a bit of trouble. Critics have generally praised "Diablo Immortal" for its visuals and gameplay mechanics, but the main problem everyone seems to have with it is that its pay-to-win mechanics can slow the game down to a brutal grind, particularly for players who aren't willing to spend an obscene amount of money.

There are also a lot of low-stakes cosmetic items that don't affect player progression in the slightest, but do grant their character a bit of extra flair while protecting the realm of Sanctuary from the armies of the Burning Hells. Sadly, these can also be quite difficult to obtain without a substantial cash infusion. Wings are among the more popular cosmetic items available in the game, but they can take quite a bit of work to unlock. The first thing players have to do is build up their Resonance.

Collecting Resonance

Resonance is the number attached to the golden orb just above the helmet in the inventory menu. Boosting it grants the player bonuses to their gear and stats. Players can upgrade this score by collecting, upgrading and equipping Legendary Gems (per GamerGuides). There are three tiers of Wings available in the game, and each of them can be automatically unlocked and appear in the player's cosmetics menu once they reach one of three different Resonance thresholds. Tier 1 Wings are available once the player reaches a Resonance level of 1,000, Tier 2 Wings require a Resonance level of 3,000, and to get Tier 3 Wings, players will have to build up a whopping Resonance level of 5,000.

But even hitting 1,000 Resonance seems unrealistic for players who don't wish to spend money. Legendary Gem drops are incredibly rare, and it would likely require hundreds of runs to boost Resonance that high. Some players have reported spending $300-$500 in order to get their Resonance to the point required in order just to unlock the Tier 1 Wings ,while one Reddit user estimated that reaching 5,000 Resonance for the Tier 3 Wings would require the player to either run 1,100 Rifts to organically collect the Legendary Orbs required or spent $24,400. 

There are other, more practical bonuses that are associated with building your Resonance level that high, but you may want to really think about how much you want to spend or grind for some spiffy Wings.