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Pentiment - What We Know So Far

The 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase was an exciting event for gamers, as it gave a peek at many upcoming games for Xbox and PC. Although highly anticipated titles such as Bethesda's "Starfield" were the show's highlight for many, a few unexpected presentations succeeded at catching gamers' eyes.


Specifically, "Fallout: New Vegas" developer Obsidian Entertainment shared details about its new game, "Pentiment." For the uninitiated, pentiment, or pentimento, refers to the act of painting on top of a previous piece of work. And after seeing the gameplay for "Pentiment," it's obvious where the game got its name: it looks like a medieval painting in motion. In addition, the game takes place during the European Renaissance, a particularly fascinating and tumultuous time for Europe. 

And although the gameplay isn't action-packed like some fans might expect from Obsidian, the game is already receiving a great deal of attention for such a different title. Here's everything we know about "Pentiment."


What is the release date of Pentiment?

Although the game was just recently formally announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, "Pentiment" isn't too far away. It releases November 2022. 

Fans of Obsidian Entertainment's previous work should be excited about this title as director Josh Sawyer is spearheading the project. Josh Sawyer previously worked on the incredibly successful "Fallout New Vegas" and "Pillars of Eternity." This game is different, though, as Sawyer told GameSpot that "Pentiment" is the passion project he has wanted to put together for nearly 20 years.


"Pentiment" will release on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox Cloud. Currently, there are no indications that the game will make its way to PlayStation, which makes sense, considering the fact that Obsidian is a subsidiary of Microsoft. The quality of Obsidian Entertainment's previous titles and the passion for this upcoming game make "Pentiment" a title that gamers everywhere should probably keep their eye on.

Is there a trailer for Pentiment?

The announcement trailer for "Pentiment" gave gamers a preview of the game by briefly looking at its gameplay and story introduction. But that's not all gamers can see of "Pentiment." During the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, Obsidian released a developer overview featuring senior design director Josh Sawyer and Art Director Hannah Kennedy. During this presentation, the developers got into the game's unique art style and described its commitment to accurately portraying history.


Additionally, this developer trailer gave players a more detailed look at the game's story. In "Pentiment," the player controls Andreas Maler, a 16th-century Bavarian Journeyman Artist. While going about their everyday life, Andreas comes upon a murder, and it's up to them to solve the case. But solving the case will take time, and the community as a whole will evolve with the player. So players have the chance to see characters grow from being four years old to getting married during a playthrough. Additionally, the story features all the nuances of taking place during the social upheaval of the Renaissance.

What is gameplay like in Pentiment?

Gameplay in "Pentiment" isn't about having the best aim or pulling off crazy combos. In fact, "Pentiment" doesn't seem to have any combat at all. Instead, the game is about walking from town to town to chat with residents. Of course, players talk with characters in hopes of finding clues that will reveal who the murderer is. Players will have a selection of dialogue choices when speaking with characters in classic Obsidian Entertainment fashion, and the choices players make during conversations will have massive impacts on the game's story. For example, the player can convince the archduke to execute specific characters they believe to have committed the crime.


"Pentiment" is primarily a story-driven game, but that's not to say there isn't any gameplay outside of conversations. Players can interact with objects in the world like a point-and-click game and solve puzzles to find clues. For example, the reveal trailer showcases a sequence in which the player reconstructed a broken vase. Although the gameplay of "Pentiment" won't be to everyone's taste, it looks to be a unique experience for anyone that dives into the game.