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Every Saints Row Edition: What's Included?

The Saints are making a triumphant return in glorious next-gen HD, and pre-orders are now available for the reboot of "Saints Row." The game will be releasing on August 23, 2022, for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC through the Epic Games Store.


You can purchase the standard edition in digital or physical versions for $59.99 (or your regional equivalent). The digital copies come in three tiers: "Standard," "Gold," and "Platinum," the latter of which retail at $89.99 and $99.99 respectively for extra digital bonuses. So far, the only difference between the "Gold" and "Platinum" editions seems to be the inclusion of a copy of "Saints Row the Third: Remastered."

Physical copies will be sold at select retailers, with Best Buy and GameStop having exclusive editions to offer. You can get the "Legacy Edition" at Best Buy for $79.99, or the "Notorious Edition" at GameStop exclusively for $89.99 — both physical 'deluxe' editions will include the base game as well as the pre-order bonuses. The "Legacy Edition" comes with a digital copy of "Saints Row the Third," while the "Notorious Edition" includes exclusive physical extras like postcards and posters. GameStop is also offering a "Criminal Customs" physical edition at the standard price of $59.99, which includes the digital add-on of the same name.


What do the Saints Row Gold and Platinum Editions include?

As previously mentioned, the major difference between "Gold" and "Platinum" is a copy of "Saints Row the Third: Remastered" (per the official website). For $10 extra, this is a good chance for franchise newcomers to try out the game that took the series from relative obscurity as another "Grand Theft Auto" clone to its unique brand of whacky open-world chaos. Otherwise, according to the Microsoft Store, both digital deluxe editions include:


Most of the bonuses aside from the vehicles seem to be purely cosmetic, which should still be fun for "Saints Row" fans. About half the franchise's appeal is wanton violence delivered in outlandish style. Where else would you be able to smash heads with a bat covered in Christmas lights while dressed like a Daft Punk impersonator?

It's worth noting that pre-orders of any edition — standard or deluxe, digital or physical — will also include the "Idols Anarchy Pack" as a pre-order bonus. If you're only planning on getting the base game, it might be worth it to reserve your copy early for some free extra content.

What do the Notorious Edition and Legacy Edition of Saints Row include?

Sold at $30 more than the standard version, the "Notorious Edition" is only offered at GameStop and will include the "Los Panteros" and "Criminal Customs" digital add-ons listed above, as well as exclusive merchandise. Players can expect:

  • An exclusive steelbook case for the game disc.
  • A double-sided landscape poster that's 66cm x 39.3cm (26 x 15.5 inches).
  • A mini artbook.
  • Four postcards of Santo Ileso, the main setting of the game.
  • Four character art cards, which includes a headshot of the default player character shown in official art.

The Best Buy exclusive "Legacy Edition" offers far less at $79.99: According to the Best Buy listing, it only includes the expansion pass, the "Idols Anarchy" pre-order pack, a digital copy of "Saints Row the Third Remastered," and an exclusive keychain. Considering that the "Idols Anarchy" pack is free for every single pre-order and that the "Notorious Edition" offers far more rewards for only $10 more, the "Legacy Edition" seems like a far less attractive prospect as a 'deluxe' option — unless you really want the Best Buy keychain, of course. 

"Saints Row" pre-orders are currently available through the official website and relevant platforms/retailers.