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As Dusk Falls Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Summer Game Fest 2022 distinguished itself from past occasions by focusing on updates about previously announced games as opposed to world premieres. Though there were plenty of fresh reveals, like news of an upcoming "The Last of Us Part 1" remake and an all-new "Minecraft" title, the heart of the event provided additional details for titles already in the works.

One big piece of Summer Game Fest news came from a promising indie project hyped in the past as the brainchild of a former Quantic Dreams developers, a studio perhaps best known for its work on hit action-adventure sci-fi title "Detroit: Become Human" and intense interactive drama "Heavy Rain." After eight years of hard work, "As Dusk Falls" is almost available to play.

Originally announced back in July 2020, "As Dusk Falls" will be the first title from indie studio INTERIOR/NIGHT. Aiming to blend the magic of cinema and gaming, the studio stated, "Our games are designed to appeal to a broad audience that wants to engage emotionally and learn more about themselves in the process." For those craving a moving experience that's immersive, thought-provoking, and original, "As Dusk Falls" looks promising, at least judging by what's been shared about it so far.

As Dusk Falls release date

Thanks to the update shared during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, players now know the official launch date for "As Dusk Falls." The game will release on July 19, 2022.

Considering the Summer Game Fest stream took place on June 12, 2022, this is a quick turnaround. Though INTERIOR/NIGHT and Xbox Game Studios unveiled the tile in July 2020, the recent exhibition introduced "As Dusk Falls" to an even wider audience and gave those already looking forward to it a sense of urgency.

Once "As Dusk Falls" is out, players will be able to try it on Xbox, PC, and yes, Xbox Game Pass from day one. Additionally, the interactive drama will allow both solo and multiplayer gameplay for up to a whopping eight people. Given the story-based nature of the project, this is a thrilling surprise that could offer fans of multiplayer experiences something unique.

As Dusk Falls trailer

There are two trailers for "As Dusk Falls:" the announcement trailer from 2020 and the launch date reveal trailer from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

The announcement trailer opens with a mom, dad, and young girl in a red car as the child narrates their journey to a new life accompanied by a shot of the Desert Dream Motel. There's a cut to a boy with his family and a bag of cash in the back of a pickup, as he narrates that this summer was a breaking point. After a quick transition to a robbery scene where the family from the blue car robs the family from the red, the boy talks of dark secrets long buried. Police sirens wail and more crime and chaos follows until the girl from the beginning returns. She's an adult now as she approaches a house to meet the grown-up boy, sharing that she's read his letters while shock consumes his face.

The launch date reveal trailer builds upon similar themes. Opening on a sign for Two Rock County, Arizona, gameplay footage and narration from multiple characters enhance the story. Key scenes include the girl's family getting into a car accident outside the Desert Dream Motel, the boy's family stashing cash in a safe, and the police identifying the girl and the man with her as hostages. There's a cut to the girl grown up, chasing someone down the street who has been following her. The trailer ends with what is likely a telling timeline featuring gameplay stills, as the phrase "Every family has secrets, every secret has a price" overlays the clue-laden graphic.

As Dusk Falls gameplay

The developers at INTERIOR/NIGHT have shared quite a few details about the gameplay of "As Dusk Falls" through Xbox Wire, the official game site, and the studio's About page. The interactive drama spans a 30-year timeframe that starts in 1998, and the story is split into two books. The focus is on two families – the Walkers in the red car and the Holts in the blue car as introduced in the trailers – who must navigate crime, secrets, adventure, and more mayhem. 

The three main characters highlighted on the game's site include Zoe Walker and Jay Holt – the boy and girl from the trailers – as well as Zoe's father Vince Walker. Player choice will make an impact on the plot, creating a dynamic, unfolding narrative. As for the multiplayer options, gamers can enjoy "As Dusk Falls" with a party of up to eight both locally or online. Whether alone or in a group, the story of "As Dusk Falls" is described as both cinematic and similar to a graphic novel. 

The unique art style in "As Dusk Falls" is noteworthy, as it captures the real appearances of the game's actors while preserving an animated feel through a combo of green screen and hand-painted rendering. Finally, the choice-based nature of the tale makes replays an essential part of the experience. All in all, it seems fans of intricate storytelling, crime and family drama, and creative game design will have a heyday with "As Dusk Falls."